Bumps Pattern

Hi guys, just wondered if your bumps have all fallen into line and started to move in a reasuring pattern or if yours are as and when they feel like it?

Mine is moving most of the time this week, sometimes when he/she moves it actually makes me feel physically sick, shes like a giat rotating (but fabulous) worm and its like when your stomach churns! bump moves without fail every morning as soon as I wake and every night when I lay down, if I am watching telly she moves happily unless I lift my top then she stops, whats that all about any one elses baby shy?


  • Hi JMP.
    My lo is on the move pretty much all the time which iv found really strange coz wen i was expecting my son i sometimes didnt even manage to feel ten movements a day (obviously a lazy man). This one is constantly moving tho its like its trying to get itself comfortable (making me uncomfortable in the process). Lo moves the most in the early morning (its like an alarm clock, lol) and usually around midday when im sat at desk and bump is resting on it. I defo agree tho these babies dont wana perform for other people. Kerry xxx

  • Lol glad its not just me lo who is shy. He / she seems to move around most of the day and dances when I am in the bath to the point you can see my whole belly move like a mexican wave, but as soon as I shout for my oh to come see everything stops!!! Sure they must know when they have an audiance! Tammi xxx
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  • Mine is shy too! Whenever I actually watch my bump it automaticaly stops which really freaks me out because its like it knows I'm watching! But it always moves in the morning before I get up, usually quite alot about 4-6pm too. But I'm usually really busy running around after my 4 year old in the day so I dont notice it as much.
  • mine moves unless someone else touches him... then he goes quite i can pretty much do what i want prod poke stroke carries on happy as a lamb but someone else hand and he gets stage fright! lol x
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