FAO MelissaB - My fetal doppler arrived!

Hi MelissaB

I'm very excited as I've just rented a fetal doppler from Ana Wiz after reading your post on worrying. I bought one off ebay ages ago but I don't think it works as I can't even hear my heartbeat using it!! It's being delivered tomorrow and I just can't wait!! I heard baby's heartbeat for the first time a couple of weeks ago (at my second antenatal appointment) but hubby couldn't be there as he was working away. I can't wait to hear it again and for hubby to hear it for the first time!! Thank you! xxxx


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  • How exciting ! Let me know how you get on SWillo xx
  • Hi Melissa

    Well my fetal doppler from Ana Wiz was delivered yesterday as promised and I couldn't wait to get home from work to try it out. Hubby was home when I got in so I put the batteries in and (without testing it) called for my hubby to come to the bedroom. I told him to close his eyes and I turned on the doppler. To my amazement I found the heartbeat straight away and it was so loud and strong. My hubby was completely amazed! He missed my antenatal appointment a couple of weeks ago when I heard the heartbeat for the first time so for him to be able to hear it at home it was fantastic! It's so wonderful to be able to hear my baby kicking and moving about, the sounds are so clear, I haven't actually felt baby move yet but to hear the movements is just incredible!

    So I wanted to say a big thank you for recommending Ana Wiz!! Oh and have just one question - how often do you use yours? It is perfectly safe to use isn't it?! There's no mention on the instructions about limiting use or anything xxxx


  • Aww im really pleased for you ! Its amazing isnt it ! Just a bit of advice though, sometimes you might not be able to hear the heartbeat for a little while and it might take you a few minutes to locate it, it doesn't mean anything is wrong of course- just the baby moving about image

    I use it everyday after i get home from work - just for reassurance i guess and i dont think it matters how many times you use it, it wont do any damage because its not internal !

    I have to say tho, i havent heard the baby moving about, just a whoosing noice which i assumed was the placenta. How do you know the babies moving about so i know what to look out for ? image

    Im really pleased you enjoyed using it ( try not to get obsessed tho hehe )

    When is your scan? Ive got mine a wk today ! Im worrying so much that something is going to be wrong or the babies going to be underdeveloped image i guess this is motherhood and you dont stop worrying hey
  • Oh I'm glad you use yours everyday, cause I think I'll find it hard to resist for more than 24 hours!!

    When I say I can hear baby moving about, I think that's what it is anyway! If you hold the doppler in one position, not so you can hear the heartbeat, you'll probably hear a thud (not the most descriptive word, sorry) but make sure you keep the doppler very still so there's no interferance and you will hear these funny noises (like thuds) which to me sounds like my baby's kicking, or moving about. He/she probably doesn't like being prodded! Can't really blame him/her!!

    I've also heard the whoosing which I too presume is the placenta. I still find it so unreal that I've got a tiny human being in my tummy! I think once I start feeling the kicks and movement it will seem much more real!

    Oh good luck with your scan next week. I still haven't got a date for mine! You may have seen my post on 20-week scans but basically my hospital is very short staffed at the moment due to sickness and so they're running very behind . I've been told to expect my appointment in about 4 weeks time, but I could even be 23 weeks before I get my scan! Nightmare!

    I know what you mean about worrying. I've been worrying the last few days, thinking I hope baby's OK. The sickness has finally gone so I don't 'feel' pregnant, I haven't got much of a bump and I haven't felt baby move yet, but using the doppler yesterday has eased those worries. Now I'll worry about the scan and I'm just hoping everything will be as it should be!

    I guess this is a true welcome to motherhood. My sister says you never stop worrying about your little babies (she's got 2 little ones). You must just get used to it?!

    Take care and tell us all about your scan next Wednesday. I'm sure everything will be fine! xxxx
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