R.I.P. Jade Goody

Have just heard that Jade passed away in her sleep this morning at 3.15am. I have prayed a few times this week that she would make it to today for her boys to have one last Mothers Day with her. She is no longer in pain and I'm sure she'll be watching over her boys xxx


  • my thoughts are with her little boys....god bless xxx
  • ive just seen the news on yahoo and am absolutely devistated... am having a few tears for her and her boys this morning....
    makes me feel ashamed for all the silly things we moan about life on a daily basis...
    brave, brave girl....

  • Poor Jade and her boys, its is so sad. She is a peace now and her boys and family can start to grieve now. its a terrible thing to have happened image
    Makes you stop and think about the silly things that we think are wrong with our lives xx
  • Have to admit I was never her biggest fan at times but once you know her childhood and how she turned things round, and think how much she loved those boys...so sad. At least it didn't drag on too long for her.
    Ames x
  • it's very sad, especially today. thinking of her family xx
  • How sad, it just puts everything into perspective a bit doesnt it. We all need to enjoy every minute. x x
  • R.I.P Jade, you and your family and your two stunning boys are in my thoughts and my prayers
    K xxxxxxx
  • So sad, thinking of her boys and family today.
  • Rest in peace Jade and lots of love and best wishes to your 2 lovely boys and your family.
  • Oh its just so sad.
    I cant help thinking about her two little boys; they will find this so hard to understand.
  • my thoughts are with her two little boys and the rest of her family. may she rest in peace xx
  • thinking of her two little boys and the rest of her family, this makes me so sad. we all knew it was going to happen but its still such a shock when it actually does. R.I.P. Jade.

  • R.I.P Jade, finally at peace and my thoughts and prayers are with her 2 boys today...of all days :/(

    36wks today
  • r.i.p jade,so sad.Cant imagine what her family are going thru xxx
  • They may sound awful but I am happy she is finally at peace, I am sure she has been in a lot of pain over the last few weeks and sadly the only way to stop this was to pass away.

    My thoughts and prayers go to her two lovely boys and her family. xx
  • god iv only just this second found out its heartbreaking i filled up with teasr wen i found this post her poor boys on mothers day rip jade xxxx
  • This had me in tears this morning too, she was too young to die. So so sad her 2 boys will now grow up without their mother x
  • ok we knew she was going to sie they told us everyday but u really dont hink its gona happen do u until it does and it is such a shock i cant stop thinking about her boys every mothers day is going to be awfull 4 them i just cant believe it still xx
  • I feel so sorry for Jade's family and I pray that she will rest in peace... at least she was thankful for the experiences she had in her short 27 years of life and she said she had done more than most in a whole lifetime... her poor boy's RIP XX
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