Crazy Placenta

Hey bumpy ladies,

I was told at my 4d scan four weeks (28 weeks) ago that I had a high anterior placenta and that would be the reason behind not being able to feel lo too much.

Well I now have another 4d scan booked for sunday (it's for free as lo was breech with face in placenta and sonographer called me fat lol) and i'm hoping and praying lo will be head down as the midwife told me last week that he was. What I wanted to know was, can my placenta move round to the back or is it stuck there as over the past week or so I have felt lo move so much and can see feet etc poking out by my ribs?



  • Hi caz I might be wrong but I think that your placenta can change positions, would check with your mw though! HOpe I am right and that lo is head down and giving you lots of smiles on sunday!
    Tammi xxx
    33.2 wks
  • Thanks Tammi image

    I thought it could move I just didn't want to make an arse of myself lol I hope he is on his best behaviour too.

  • I thought it only moved in relation to the expansion of your uterus. My placenta was borderline low at my 20 week scan and so I have to have another scan at 34 weeks to see if it has moved up. When explaning it to me the mw said it was a bit like if you drew a blob on a balloon near the bottom. As you blow the balloon up the blob will effectively move further away from the bottom although it's position on the balloon will be the same. I hope that makes sense! My mw drew little diagrams and it made sense to me. So I got the impression it will move as your uterus expands but not its actual position. Maybe you can feel baby more because your uterus has expanded and so you can feel where he is moving above your placenta?

    I'm not 100% though so you should ask your mw.
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