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Does anyone ever 'buy' anything before 12 weeks?

Hubby was saying this morning, in passing, that he can't wait until our scan a week on Tuesday (9 sept) as if everything is OK we can start buying stuff. I didn't mention that 'normally' people wait until 12 weeks.

Is it just a silly superstition??? do any of you actually buy stuff before 12 weeks?

Joo xxx


  • I did get a couple of little bits before 12 weeks, old wives tales say it's bad luck but I dont see how going shopping can hurt your baby, most ppl wait untill after the 12 weeks though because the pregnancy is more established after that point and ppl have genrally had the scans that tell them that everything is ok with lo.

    It's entirely up to you though - I personally couldn't resist getting a few bits and peices as soon as I found out I was pregnant.
  • i didnt when i was pregnant with my daughter, but i am going to this time just to break the cost up a bit, we are gonna start buying a pack of nappies or wipes, or some vest/babygros etc everytime we go to asda, so that we have a good stock when baby arrives, as babyfox says how can shopping harm the baby, it doesn`t know if your buying things or not!!!! xxx
  • ive already bought some bodysuits, i bought them a few weeks ago when i found out lol
    i think some people just wait untill they have had their scan so they know everything is ok xx
  • I bought A pack of 3 babygrows ??3 an pack of 5 bodysuits ??3 super bargain from wilko an I couldnt resist, my mum had already bought a baby bouncer before she new our was pregnant, an has already filled a box full of baby things!!, I dnt believe in superstition

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  • i didnt buy anything but my mum did start knitting when i was about 8 weeks to 'get a head start' as she put it.

    i did buy a winnie the pooh box set from the book people before i was pregnant - dont think it counts as i was buy them for our twin nephews birth and ordered an extra set. they are really cute in a box with doors on that looks like a cupboard. couldnt really pass them up as the RRP was ??79.99 and had them for ??20.

    it was really hard not buying anything, kept seeing little cuddly toys and wanting to buy buy buy. as soon as we had the scan at 11+6 i went straight to asda and bought two toys and collected my bounty pack.
  • I've not bought anything yet, but I'm 12+4 now, so on my next trip to Asda I will be buying Baby Grows, Nappies etc!!! The main reason I haven't bought anything is I have never had any obvious pregnancy symptons, no sickness etc.. so it just didn't seem real!! But now, I've got the fuller boobs, blue veins on my boobs, & a bit of stretching down below! So I'm more confident about buying things now!!

    However my MIL bought a moses basket for me when I told her @ 6 weeks!!

    12+4 x
  • we bought a couple of things after 12 weeks but nothing before, we waiting til we found out the sex at 21 weeks so we could buy blue or pink...we decorated the babies room really early tho cuz we wanted a yellow room no matter whether we were having a blue or pink bump image x

  • We didn't buy anything before our 20 week scan, but this is probably quite unusual.

    Before 12 weeks i definitly wouldnt have, because i'm quite superstitious and didnt want to jinx anything. I had quite a hard time coming to terms with my pregnancy, for various reasons, and until our 20 week scan i hadn't really accepted it was going to happen, but once i found out the sex and bought a couple of little bits, i found it actually helped me, and now i love to buy things! image

  • Thats way too early to start buying!With both my pregnancies I waited until my 20 wk scan to buy everything(we found out the sex both times)though if I saw something I wouldnt be able to get again like an item of clothing I did buy once or twice at 4 months.

    I worked in a baby shop years ago and this young girl came in with her mum to start shopping. They went crazy(as we girls do!)and brought just about everything there and then including the cot and pushchair.
    Two weeks later her father came back to return everything because she had miscarried. She was 15 weeks pregnant. It was so upsetting.
  • oh ive got 4 packs of nappies too, they go through so many so im starting early xx
  • hi i have brought a few bits (bodysuits,bibs) and im 8 weeks. i couldnt resist altought my oh thinks we should wait until after the 12 week scan which is 23rd sept. im going to look at prams/pushchairs tomorrow , although doubt we will buy, just want to get an idea of whats avaliable. xx
  • I will be buying nappies in the next few weeks to get all the freebies as they will be running out soon! I think it doesn't really matter whether you wait or not - it's personal preference xx
  • i agree that it is a personal preference and some will feel ready to buy things before others, mumof2inspain, i can understand that you wanted to wait till 20wks, but i`m sure that most of us ladies weren`t meaning prams and cots and things, more just clothes and nappies etc xxxx
  • mumof2inspain I think the way you put that was quite rude, we can buy what the hell we like an when we like, I saw them baby bodysuits an it felt right,So I got them, an I aint rich!! so buying lil bits at a time helps!! an as for the young girl, Im so sorry for her loss, But not everyone's gonna lose their baby, an if unfortunately I do! then having them baby things will only give me hope to try again until we succeed an get our baby. You carnt always think what if!! an theres no way either me or my folks would ever!! take back what we bought!!

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  • Hi, just wanted to say sorry to all on the mums that may have taken my previous post the wrong way!I never intended it to sound rude or offend anyone. Im sorry if it came across that way. Of course its your own personal desicion and thats all that matters. Sorry again!xx
  • it is just personal preference, buying things makes it all seem so much more real doesn't it? the thing is, things can go wrong all through pregnancy and if it's meant to be it will aunty lost a baby in the last 2 weeks of her pregnancy so imagine the expense she'd been through to have everything's sad...obv it would be silly to go over the top and buy huge amounts of stuff but there's really no harm in buying a few bits of clothes and all adds to the excitement image we never did buy anything because i was a nervous wreck at the start and thought everything was gunna go mil bought stuff straight away and i remember being horrified and wouldn't take them home til after we'd had the first scan lol we still haven't got our pram in our house yet and he's due in 4 days lol how still are we?! x

  • hey, im 4weeks5days and already finding it hard not to buy things...we agreed not to start buying until our first scan so we know everything is okay. but we have looked at prams/clothes etc but have managed not to buy anything up to now... although me doctor told me that they dont scan here in calderdale till 20(ish) weeks. theres no way i can wait that long! does anyone know how much it is for a private scan?
  • Theres a place in Leeds, I found it after a post on here I think but I can't remember the name. You could google it. I think Leeds was in the name. Whereabouts in Calderdale are you? I'm northwest outskirts of Leeds.xx
  • hey i live in a small town near huddersfield, getting to leeds wouldnt be a problem though. I see the midwife in october when im 10weeks so ill talk to her then and see if i can talk them into scanning me early. if not im going to have to go private or ill go out of my mind lol.
  • Hi girls!

    When i found out i was pregnant, i was 4 weeks gone and i went to mothercare 2 days after i found out as i COULD NOT wait to buy something, so decided i would let myself buy 2 little things!! lol, so i bought 1 pink vest saying 'I love my daddy' and a little white bib saying 'My Daddy is the best'! I bought them as a prezzie for my hubby (just an excuse really lol). Weve since got a few bits and bobs, im 18 + 3 now, like the baby bath, nappies, wipes, few more vests, socks, hat, gloves, bottles, dummies, bibs etc. When i was 9-10 weeks pregnant we were on a carribean cruise for our honeymoon, and every island we stopped off at we bought either a bib or vest with the island's name on it, sooo cool!

    Its each to their own in my opinion! I do get superstitious at times, but i do believe that if something medically is going to go wrong with baby, it will wether you go shopping or not! I also dont think that mumof2inspain meant to sound rude just gave her opinion a bit bluntly lol.

    Take care all mummy's to be xxx

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