NCT Antenatal Classes - worth it?

Hi everyone

Has anyone ever been to NCT antenatal classes? If so were they any good and worth the money?




  • I would say worth every penny. We only went for a refresher class as this is my second, but it was fantastic. Much more personal than the NHS classed and I personally felt much more comfortable asking questions. They also encourage you to make friends with the other mums, everyone I know who went to the full classes has made loads of friends from it. If you can afford it I would definately go for it.
    Kerry xx
  • Hi Jenny,
    I have been to both NCT and NHS classes. Today is my last NCT and was my first NHS. My report on the NCTs would have been that they were great for meeting people from a similar environment, they were planned so partners can go too, they were informative but a bit wishy washy and unstructured.
    However, I have just returned from my NHS one and it was awful! No planning, no introductions, no structure at all. This may be to do with the midwife presenting them, I don't know, anyway now the NCT classes seem brilliant and actually have a focus to each session. Maybe they appear wishywashy because they don't provide black and white answers (maybe I have to realise where childbirth is concerned, these don't exist!)
    Either way, if all my knowledge was based on the NHS class I would be seriouly worried about knowing anything. And my husband would know nothing. So yes, the nct classes are worth the money!!
  • I would like to attend, but no ever seems to pick up the phone, return emails or make contact from registering with their website online. I'm now 20weeks, due in Sept and worried I won't be able to find a class.... anyone have number for NCT in Greenwich borough? Thanks
  • I couldn't fault their administration when I contacted them through the website, maybe it depends on your local branch and it seems really active here in Edinburgh. Saying that, Mother1, I didn't start the classes till about 28 weeks so you have a couple of months to keep chasing them.
  • I think NCT classes get booked up fairly far in advance, depending on where they are I guess. The classes are kept small - 5 or 6 couples max, which is why the high demand. My mw said the NHS classes were going to be a bit less indepth than NCT as they didn't have as much time to go into details, and that they were open to more people, so usually pretty busy.
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