Thank you - had a scare and chats on here really helped me

Hi Girls

Well I started bleeding wednesday am - quite heavy. Im 7 weeks and something just didn't feel right. Rang docs and couldn't get an appointment till the next day! So hubby drove me straight to A&E. Had a to wait a while - then the doc told me that it might just be a case of waiting to see if I was going to miscarry. I had stopped bleeding so heavily then. I wsa very upset and he then came back with an emergancy scan date for yesterday.

Anyway - sorry rambling... I went home and came on here and found I was not the only one to of had this. Reading other womens stories really helped me come to terms with what was happening (although I still didn't know at this point.

Anyway- the scan was fine. Baby was well - and sack was nicely placed with a baby snuggling inside. The sonographers were amazing. They showed me my babys beating heart.. so much releif its hard to express. I was so scared as they started - I was so worried they weren;t going to find anything.

But all is fine for now - and I feel very lucking indeed.

But thank you girls - you know who you are for posting your experinces on here- the books I was reading scared me so much - but you all gave me hope.

Wishing healthly pregnancys to everyone..



  • Wow - I'm so glad it's all OK. I know how scary it is as I had bleeding pretty much constant in the first 3 months, at one point it got heavy and I was terrified, I had to have scans at 6 and 9 weeks but both showed baby was fine.
    I'm now 18 weeks and things are going well image
    Yes it is reassuring going on here, and knowing how common early bleeding is. In a recent poll 49% of women had it in there pregnancy. x x x
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