big baba

well had mw apt yesterday and when she measured my bump she whistled. the height of my fundus is off the chart.she said i was measuring at 34 weeks and im only 29 eeek gotta go for anohter scan in a couple of weeks and another on the 4th aug. does this mean they'l induce? got spd too so i think i have a good case. plus ive noticed when i eat a meal i cant bloody breathe after cos my stomach and bump are taking all the space. heeeeeeeelp ive got ages to go yet how the hell am i gonna cope :cry:
p.s my beth was 9 pound 12 ounces, are second babies ALWAYS bigger? ouch ouch ouch!!


  • Bloody hell hun! I bet that was a bit of a shock. will they not give you a c section or induce you early if baby is going to be quite big (i think if i'd had a 9lb 12 oz baby, i'd have crossed my legs forever) I was lucky my son was only 7lb 2 oz but still hurt like hell lol x
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