Back from hospital


Welllllll I got hooked up to the monitors and the mw asked me if I could squeeze a pee out, I couldn't as I got major stage fright lol.

Baby's heartbeat dipped a few times so I ended up on the monitors for about 2 and half hours by the end of which it was nice and steady. I hadn't felt any movements since saturday but as soon as I got on the bloody bed he got hiccups for 20 minutes and started doing back flips I was really embarrased as I felt like I was wasting thier time. However, they were originally concerned about the dipping heart rate but decided he was just squeezing on his cord (the little bugger!)

So all is ok image also I asked the mw whether he was a whale baby like the other mw had said, and she told me the other mw was "crazy" and that baby was perfectly normal size wohoooooooo no more 60cm diameter heads lol




  • awww im so pleased everything is ok i must admit i havent felt much movement myself lately but i have a consultant appointment tommorrow so im gonna mention it to him xx
  • thats great babe. 60cm. ouch!!!!!!!
    think ur lil one was squeezin the cord just so mw would let you know all ok! bless. sarah 26wks blue bump!
  • great news xxxxxxx
  • Good news Caz, really pleased that everything is ok and that you haven't got a monster baby hidding in your tummy, lol.
    Tammi xxx
    29.2 weeks
  • Very please. BTW the 60cm head thing was a joke image good lord if they told me his head would be that big I would pass out lol

  • my first boy had a 39cm head and he was 59cm long. lol
  • Is that big? I'm terrible with measurements :S it does sound quite big.

  • So glad everything went well for you. It must be very worrying not to feel them move, Ive got all this to come! (gulp!) :lol: How big are newborns heads normally? Im trying not to think about how its going to get out, but 39cm sounds scary! Especially when we dilate to 10cm! How do women do it! image

  • Remeber 39cm will be the round the head not across! lol.
    Tammi xxx
  • yeah 39cm circumfrence is quite big, i had to have an episiotomy cos he got stuck. 59cm is just short of 2 foot long he weighed 8lb 9 ounces. i only weighed 9st at the time and was only 15. he was a bruiser of a baby.
  • hiya pleased you and baby are both fine it is a worry tho isnt it?
    vonnie xx
  • oh good im glad everythings alright, i remember a few weeks ago i didnt feel anything for 3 days! i thought enough was enough and i went to see the m/w she said about sending me to get hooked up to the monitor at the hospital and hey pesto the baby started moving hahahahaha XX
  • He hasn't stopped moving since lol I feel like a right arse.

    My bubby will have head the size of a ping pong ball that will expand to normal sizes as soon as he is out of the birth canal, therefore maintaining my virginal size fi fi image
  • I have had 2 kicks in 24 hours lol

    I am so glad all is ok mate
  • Glad everything was ok chick.
    Do I win? I was 65 cm long when I was born, slightly longer than two long rulers!
  • Glad all went well - cheeky bubba with the cord!!!!


  • Really pleased it all went well for you!

    Bit early for practical jokes from lo - tomorrow is 1st April!!!

  • Aw that's brilliant - only just seen this thread so relieved for you! These lo's are buggers aren't they?

  • glad everythings ok!

  • Thank you ladies image He is back on top form now kicking the crap outta me lol
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