5 weeks preg...brown,pink & red spotting, breast not as sore

Hello everyone,
I will start with my visit on Friday (am), I had a vaginal u/s done. It was a little uncomfortable but i figured the Dr was trying to see the fluid and what not. But on Saturday, I start spotting a little brown and pink in the am and then a little red on the t.p. after I had used the restroom. I began to get worried so I went to the emergency room and they took blood & urine. After 1&1/2 hrs of waiting, the nurse comes back in to say everything looks normal. the spotting could have come from the u/s Friday.

Still a little worried b/c i had no bleeding or anything w/my first pregnancy.

Advice & prayers would be appreciated & welcomed.

Be blessed:?:?:?


  • I'd try not to worry hun
    probaby did arise from being examined on Friday if they say all seems fine too. It's hard coz you won't relax at all but try to stay positive.
    Em x
  • Hi I'd try not to worry too much. After I had an internal on saturday I've had little bits of pinky/brown spotting today and some tummy cramps. I'm sure everything is fine.
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