hayfever and pregnancy

Hi just wondered if anyone suffers from Hayfever? I've read that you can't take any thing whilst being pregnant, I am already sneezing and my eyes are running and its only february so think I will be really suffering. I'm 9 weeks!

Thanks x


  • I was pregnant last year (before mc) and was suffering really bad as i've had hayfever since the age of 9, I asked the mw if i could take anything and she did prescribe me something although i can't remeber the name but it was a crappy one that you had to take every 4 hours which sucks as i'm normally on 10+mg of claritin (spelt wrong). There are herbal tablets also available called New Era you might be able to take them! Well girls heres to another pregnancy lasting throughout hayfever season :lol:


  • Yup i have awful hayfever since i was a baby image im not going to bother taking pills as usually forget anyway, but would the eyedrops be ok do you think?

    I've found that since moving to the city it's not half as bad as it used to be though so thats lucky. xxx
  • Check with your doctor but last time I was pregnant mine gave me a presciption for Piriton which are ok to take. I also use a starch based spray calle Nazalese which doesn't contain any drugs and is totaly safe. I actually found last time round that my hayfever wasn't as bad while I was pregnant so it might not be as bad as you think!
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