Feeling like s**t and needing a rant (sorry)

Hi all I will apoligise in advance for this as it is a rant.

AS most know I am pregnant with my third and after 2 girls having a little boy so its all still a little new for me!
Well me and husband have not been getting along for a couple of months now, just bickering and picking holes in one another! Well recently its got worse and I just cant take anymore I really love him but cant stand him at the same time! Instead of beng supportive when I am feeling low he seems to be sarcastic about it and makes me feel worse. The list can go on with things lately but I dont want to bore you, but today he has left. We had an even bigger row and now he has gone to stay at his mums! The worst thing is I dont know if I want him back! I do everyting by myself anyway and is harder having him here, he is a nightclub manager so when he is here he sleeps and I struggle to stop the girls going in and out of the bedroom. I know a lot of this may be my hormones and probably a little snappy but I would just appreciate his support!

On top of that my washing machne broke last week and had someone out now we are waiting for parts and could take another few weeks, so thats been a nightmare with handwashing!

Then just to round everything off my youngest daughter is 16 months and her feet turn in extremely bad when she walks which has already slowed her development, but may have to have her left ankle broken and re-set I know this will be best for her growing up as my feet turn in not as bad as hers but I did get bullied from it and I ended up breaking my foot whilst running as I tripped over my own feet(it was a funny sight at the time). I am just extremely worried for my little one as it sounds so horrible.

I think I just needed to offload as I have probably been bottling this up and sorry for this, I am normally pretty cherpy.

Thanks for listening xxx


  • Hi,
    Please don't be getting upset (easier said than done I know), your hormones are all over the place & your feelings do change for people when you are PG. I've realised that there are some people I can no longer listen to without picking holes in their conversations or wanting to scream at them to shut up!

    Perhaps you & your hubby having some time apart will do you good even though it doesn't feel like it at the moment, absence makes the heart grow fonder & all that. If it makes you decide you actually don't want him about any more I think the best thing for you to do is tell him how your feeling & if you can do this by talking things though who knows what the outcome may be.

    This is a terrible worry for you with your daughter but as you say it will be best for her in the long run.

    I don't really know what else to say to you except keep your chin up & try not to worry too much, things will sort themselves out.

    Take care,
    Lauren (35+3) xxx
  • awwww hun it sounds like a lot to cope with maybe the break from hubby will do you both some good and give you some breathin space that you probably need my OH and i are bickering alot but due to the stress of being evicted and not knowing where we're going to live... Can't stand the site of him alot but its not got as bad as yours has yet image i feel for you its must be a tough struggle hold in there the end is near and you'll have a beautiful lil boy to match you gorgeous daughters!
  • Hi madnbella+bluebump, I can completely understand wat u r going thru at the min and its awful. Me n OH having a few problems at the min and Iv asked him not to come home tonite, coz like u i do everything anyway so wats the point. I just want a lil love n support (its not too much to ask), n now iv got a terrible migrane and baby has not stopped all day, which is leaving me with quite a sore tummy. I dnt think us pregnant women need this stress, and im sik of people telling me "its just ur hormones". Ahhh!! Ur not alone hun, and it helps to talk about it to people on here. Kerry xxx

  • Thanks to both of you I must admit I feel better just by writing it down, I think I am just scared that I will find things better without him as I do love him. Maybe its me expecting that after 3 pregnancies men would learn but they are men!

    Crotchetmum, sorry to hear about your troubles as if pregnancy isnt enough to worry about! It just feels like it doesnt just rain it pours which doesnt help.

    I know if my little girl needs the op she will be fine and a lot better in the long run, it just all sounds so horrible.

    Thanks to everyone for replying I wouldnt know what to do without this site sometimes!

  • Thanks Kerry, I am definately not alone by the sounds of it! I know what you mean about everyone saying hormones! I know they dont help but sometimes they do make things stand out more! Its not as if we can have a little drink to make us feel better either!

    There should be some sort of school we send this men to to help them learn how to deal with us pregnant women!

  • I agree, someone shud open a skool where OH's go to learn how to deal with pregnant women (or women who have just had babies, coz i remember that been quite tough as well). Think until that happens we will just have to grin and bare it and im sure things will improve for all of us b4 our lovely babies are born. Kerry xxx

  • Sorry things aren't going your way, I didnt want 2 read & run.

    It must be so awful to watch your lo have an operation but it does sound like it would be better for her in the long run...it doesn't sound nice but when she is 16 she won't have any memory of it and will probably be glad you made that choice for her.

    Me & my oh have had quite a few problems over the last few months so you're definitely not alone. Sometimes I do think god it would be sooo much easier if I didn't have him, but I know it wouldn't be deep down, I just have anxieties about how we'll cope as parents. But you have obviously raised 2 girls very well, so I am sure things will work out soon. Maybe a bit of space is what u both need. xxx

  • Madnbella think of it this way your stressed he's stressed and it aint good for kidds to see parents bicker trust me it messes them up in the long run (my cousins had it and the 2 boys turned to drugs to deal with it!!!! AS for you ;o's feet at least she wont have to go thro what you did if she has it done young yes sounds horrific but she's asleep when they do it and then they'll drug her up so she can't feeel it afterwards imageat least you OH's leave when asked i ask the oh to leave he laughs at me and tells me to get stuffed... if we're rowing then its me that has to leave not him he wont budge! i wouldn't mind but i'm not just pregnant i am asthmatic and now have SPD and SCiatica! the most he does is sleeps on the couch when we had a really bad row so that i don't shove him outta bed hahahaha! men were born buttheads i think! they do not consider that they got us in this state and that yes we agreed (well most of us) to get pregnant as it was what felt right but then we didn't know what the hormones would be like and what ailments would hit us! if yours is anything like mine he shuts off and says yes in the right places! he doesn't try to understand and never will but then when he's ill or hurting asks for the same as we do but expects it! arghhhhhhhhhh lol sometime wish i didn't have SPD so i could be more independant but i unfortunately need him as i cant get out of the bath alone and need help getting lower half dressed and i can't cook or do much cleaning or washing as it involves bending and back doesn't allow that... lol love the fact we can rant on other ppls threads and not get a rollocking for it hahaha image
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