Is the snow affecting you getting anywhere???

Morning all!

We've woken up to about 8-inches!!!

I have my GTT this morning and am tempted to walk to the Doctors instead of trying to get in the car and go... hubby is taking me though so I think he'd prefer to drive as its quite a walk.

When I'm done (just after 9am) I'm going to call my office and see what the roads / conditions are like as I work about 30-mins away from home and aren't really happy about driving with Angus on board!

I think my work will be ok if I have to stay home - they are normally really good about it.

What will you do? Can you still get anywhere in this snow?

Joo xxx


  • I'll be leaving for work in about 20 mins and takes about 40 mins in normal conditions so we'll have to see if i can get there or not!
    Unfortunately I can't do my work from home because I'm a hairdresser!
    Good luck getting to your appointment!
  • School is shut for me - snow day, woo hoo! So don't need to go anywhere now!
  • I dont have to go anywhere till this evening, but with the snow still falling in might just stay in all day image

    The snow annoys me though, yesss it looks so preety but it runins all plans image

  • I am supposed to be going to my new place today to work on babies nursery, still needs papering, painting and carpeting all before my baby shower at the weekend, but as I don't drive and rely on public transport and also the MIL helping me out, it depends on her and wether she is willing to travel in this weather. I know my OH doesnt want me to travel/put myself in any danger.
  • well my daughters school is closed but we walk there anyway.

    I have to go to work at 5pm but as its a 25 min bus ride away I cant really walk. I just hope the public transport is running otherwise I will be walking!!

  • Only flutters of snow here so I'm at work as usual! We never get any proper snow :roll:

    Bec 25+3 x
  • What shall I do? Snow quite bad so my lift (my mum) won't drive in it she lives 30 min away so can understand that. My husband has the car and I have a mw appt today (should be getting date to be induced) The doctors is a 20 min drive away so NOT a chance I am walking it....(also country lanes no pathways)
    AHHHH starting to panic that baby will come when the snow gets even worse later on today and I will be home alone with my son no2 with DH having to travel in the snow and have to pick son no1 up first ahhhh!!!!!! Must admit my mind is working overtime and keep thinking the snow will stop us getting to hospital (1hr away and we have LOTS of country lane to drive through, most of the unsalted ones!!!!) These damn hormones keep making me CRY (lol) about it!!!!!
    Thanks rant over (for now !!!!!!image)
    Holly 40+4
  • I cannot get to work nor can hubby or most of my friends. I am not trying to get into london as I am worried I will get stuck as it's due to snow more later.

    K xx
  • You all need to get winter tyres on your car lol! I live over in Norway so we have tons of the stuff but I guess we are a bit more organised with snow ploughs out here, plus it is the law you have to have winter tyres on your car (better in the wet and the snow) which make a massive difference to the car.

    Hope the snow isn't causing too much chaos for you all! x
  • We got 10inch's!

    Haven't even attempted to get to work as have not seem 1 car drive down the road yet and I am not being the 1st to drive it at 28wks pregnant!

    Hubby also put his foot down and said no way was I driving in this so there we go.

    So its home day for me, would say nice and warm but have no heating so almost wish I was at work so I had heating!
  • no work for me can not get the car out of our road we are on a steep hill, so just resting up watching homes and the hammer drinking tea bliss! xxxxxxxx
  • It took me 30 mins to walk to work when it normally only takes me 15 as I walk there and back every day - people must think I had poo'ed my pants I was walking that slowly and steadily!! Actually I was more waddling that walking LOL!


  • The snow always caused chaos in this country. Even though everyone knows it is coming, we are never prepared and the whole place comes to a standstill! x
  • We've had about 4 or 5 inches. I was driving in it at 4am this morning to take hubby to train station and I drove to work at 8am this morning no problems (in fact I got her quicker than I usually do!) but its since snowed again quite thick. My mum just rang me and told me to go home now ! She's worried about me getting stuck and going into labour, i'm only 31+4 so I dont think that is likely but apparently her whole office have been discussing it and decided I should go home now ! LOL

    MrsW 31+4
  • we havnt got any, its bloody sunny outside, im so upset and jealous lol silly cornwall!! hope you got to your apt ok joo xxx

  • I've not gone in today, all the buses have been cancelled and it's too dangerous to drive, cars have been sliding sideways down the road outside the house! OH is off too!!

    It's my birthday today so i'm quite happy that I can't get into work!!

    Sarah xx
  • It's my birthday today. I took the day off work but work has shut due to the snow (live in London - there is 8 inches here and still falling - all buses and most trains and tubes are all shut) of all the days to take as annual leave!!!! Will see if I can claim back.

    My hubby is stuck in Edinburgh, all flights are cancelled, and he can only get as far as Newcastle on the train, so I'm not gonna get to see him on my birthday :\(

    I had a birthday pregnancy massage which has been cancelled as the therapist can't get in. I was meant to be meeting both Mum's for lunch which has also been cancelled as they can't ge to me.

    All in all, a thoroughly crap birthday and I am feeling really sorry for myself.... :\(

    Niblett, 31 today, 18weeks pg
  • Awww, so sorry you are having such a rubbish birthday Niblett. I think you should move your birthday to another day when you can still do all the things you had planned, just take today as a relaxing day and give yourself a good pamper. x

  • I had a nightmare this morning! Skidded 3 times driving to work and the engine cut out once too so I had no power! Then I got to work and 1/2 the office hadn't come in! Grrrhhhh!! I was sooo annoyed as I was the one who was most in danger being pg! They let me leave earlier tonight though so I could get home in the daylight image

    Joo - I have my GTT tomorrow - how did yours go? You are lucky being over by 9am! Mine is at 1015 and I will be there for at least 2 1/2 hours as I have to wait at the clinic for the 2 hours inbetween the blood tests image I am not amused about that! Then to make it worse I have to go to work after (I am an accountant and it is month end)! I know I will feel rough too as won't be able to eat until 1230 / 1ish!
  • Tara - I didn't get there!
    Was so gutted after all the faff that comes with it :roll:

    Got my growth scan tomorrow - I am hoping it has cleared up enough for me to go...

    Joo xxx
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