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hi girls-have had bad pains for last few days-and this mornin fainted on train (this is second time i've fainted since pregnant)-rang my docs and she said to come in-have appointment at 11.20-am so scared!! image i have to leave in 20mins to get there..oh i hope all is ok image:\?:cry:


  • Good luck, hope everything's okay for you. xxx
  • Doc will more than likely wanna chk ur blood-pressure etc as that can cause fainting. How far gone are you?
  • i'lll be ten weeks tomorrow-im just a real worrier-(im sure all us ladies are the same in these circumstances though x)
  • thought I recognised the name hun, from the Due Nov forum! Wish u lots of luck hun, pop back later, let us know how u got on. Take care getting there too!! xx
  • **UPDATE**

    Hi ladies...just to let you know what happened yest..

    went to my docs-he had a feel of my tummy..and said he thought it may be a possible ectopic-that he wanted me to go for a scan as if it was it could be dangerous for me-and better to find out now rather than he referred me to A&E...i had blood tests, urine samples-and was put in a bed due to the fainting-i had to wait an agonizing four hours to have my scan to find out if baby was in fallopian tube, and was so upset...
    doctor told me it would either show up in womb or not-simple as...i didnt want to look when they called me and fiance in...
    she put the gel on..and announced ... 'theres baby....and theres the heart beating'-i cried my eyes out!! i seen my baby-wiggling around...and its heart beating-the most amazing experience of my life-fiance had held it together at the hospital for me-but cried when seen our lo on the relieved girls xx image) xx
  • Awwwww bless hun, so plz'd everything is ok!!!!!! A bit of rest n relaxation for you for cpl days me thinks - start enjoying being pg hun image
  • that happened to me and they never found out wat the pain was . at the time i was 7 weeks and all they saw was a flicker as the heartbeat but on sunday i heard ma babys heart beat for the first time . i was dead emotional . i hope everythin is ok x
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