Hi everyone,

Im 35 weeks and the baby gets hiccups a couple of times a day, they never last long and usually stop if i get up and move around. Ive not been worried about them but just looked it up in my book and it says that frequent hiccups combined with less movements can be a sign of cord problems. Baby is as active as ever.

Just wondered what your experiences of hiccups were. MW says i can go in to be monitered if im worried but it's up to me xx


  • hey pixiebob. i'm 29+5 and and my LO gets hiccups about twice a day, usually when i've just woken up and sometimes again when i've eaten lots. you may just have a very hiccupy baby. i wouldn't worry too much about it. i'm guessing there havent been any other problems with the pregnancy?
  • hiya mine seems to get hiccups quite a lot-well i think its that, it feels like a really regular throb and it kinda pulses in my bottom!!
    I never knew it could mean a problem though gonna have to look this up now
    lou 33+4
  • No, no other problems at all. My instincts tell me baby is fine and MW asked if this is normal for the baby which it is-s/he has been getting them for weeks but i only just read about the cord problem in my book today. I'll keep monitoring movements as usual and if they get anymore frequent, ill go in. The book says over 4 times a day and lasting over 10mins xx
  • Hi, both my sons had hiccups, and they were both fine. Get checked out if you're worried though xx
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