Yoga for Pregnant wonen

I have asked this awhile ago but I am still looking for a good video for yoga. I want to get my body stronger for when I am in labour and also have read it really helps your back and hips which I am having pain in right now.

I know that you should not over to do it but there are videos out there for women who are pregnant. I am trying to find one for all stages.

K xx


  • Try amazon and ebay hun they have complete yoga workouts for pre and post natal


  • Yeah i had a little look but there are so many it's getting a good one??

    Thanks though hun will just have to keep looking about.

    K xx

  • I'm looking for the same thing, I want to get some recommendations before I buy one through. I hate spending money on exercise videos that turn out to be horrible. Are you looking for just yoga or any prenatal work outs?
  • Just came across this list, seems to be some good ones.
  • Mainly Yoga I guess in fact I have no idea just would like to do a little work out I know is safe for baby and I that will help in labour and relax me as well.

    I will have a little look at this link babe

    K xx

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