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All through out this pregnancy I have had dreams about this baby being a girl but I have neve seen the baby's face just seen a baby in pink. Now I already have a DD so is it because I know what it's like to have a girl or is this an indication I'm having another girl? I'm not bothered either way I do like the idea of another girl its just the not knowing that's starting to annoy me I wish I'd found out!


  • Its supposed to be the opposite, if you dream of a girl its a boy.
    I dreamt boy boy boy, been confirmed by 3 scans its a girl. Old wives tale though so take it with pinch of salt. xx
  • I've always dreamt that I had a girl, even before I was pregnant, which is weird because I always said I wanted a boy first. It will be interesting to see how it turns out image
  • before my 20 week scan i had a dream i was having a boy- so i knew it would be a girl and it was!

  • When I was pregnant with my first lo I dreamt I was having a girl and it was a boy! With this pregnancy I dreamt I was having another boy and it is a boy!!

    I guess there is always a 50% chance it will be right lol! x
  • crashing from baby forum! when i was pg with dd, up til 12week scan everybody including myself were convinced it'd be a boy.... night before my 12weeks scan, very vivid dream about me with a baby girl - and found out next day i was expecting a girl!
  • I was convinced I was pg with a girl with my 1st LO and it was, with my 2nd I again was convinced it was a girl, until 20 week scan said nope! Its a boy! I couldn't believe it was still adamant it was a girl. Had a growth scan at 36 weeks and we saw everything showing a boy! Just as I had given birth to our son, my OH held him to me straight away and I said 'Oh my god he's got a willy' :lol: Because I was so amazed it was a boy! :lol:

  • Every dream I have had during this pregnancy about our baby it has been a boy.

    10wks left to see if its right...
  • Thanks for your replies not to much longer till I'll know!
  • In all my dreams baby is a girl!! even though we know he's a boy!! well he'd better be now everything is blue!lol
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