Cubs test?

Hi all

I had the cubs test done on Mon there l was just wondering how long anyone here waited to see if your high\low risk? If we're high risk we've decided not to get further tests done anyway xx


  • At my hospital they only get in touch if u are 1:250 or less, and they say it wud b in bout a weeks time, ova dan dat they just write it in ur notes. Last time i was 1:8700, and there is no reason i shud be any different this time, I had myn done on monday as well. Kerry xxx

  • Can you explain what Cubs test are or am I been thick?
  • Im assuming its another name for the blood test you have dun at around 16wks to check if your baby is high or low risk of having downs. I hope this is right otherwise just ignore my post. Lol, Kerry xxx

  • I think it is too. But I never knew it could be called that as well. They sent me a letter saying that I'm not at high risk. Chances are that the younger you are the less you have to worry about. And also my boss had two kids after 40. And both her tests came back high and she has had two normal births as well as healthy babies!!!!
  • The Combined Ultrasound and Biochemistry Scan (CUBS)

  • I think the CUBS test is only offered to some people in Scotland. In my wife's case, she took the normal blood test in 2006 and was rated high risk. Then she did the amniocentesis which showed that the baby was healthy. Unfortunately the amniocentesis caused an affection and she had a miscarriage.

    Had she had a CUBS instead of normal blood test, we would have avoided the amniocentesis and the subsequent miscarriage.

    My wife is pregnant again now. This time we will insist to get a CUBS test.
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