hello there


Seeing as I have been for a wee nosey in the September forum, I thought I 'd say hi here too.

I got a BFP on the 31st, it's my first pregnancy and it is all still a bit strange!

I am 4+1 today I believe.

Nice to meet you all :\)


  • hi and welcome.

    congratulations on your pregnancy!! xxx
  • Congrats on your BFP, it's a lot to take in isnt it !
    Wishing you a healthy pregnancy xx

    17 weeks tommorrow
  • Welcome to the pregnancy forum, thistle! Congratulations on your BFP - exciting isn't it?!

  • Hi,

    I remember you on the ttc forum getting your BPF I think Astraad, hope you are keeping well.

    It is exciting, but I'm still a bit nervous as it seems very early days!

    Thanks for the welcome, I didn't think I'd be posting in here quite so soon, we have been lucky in that it was only our 2nd month trying. image


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  • Yes, I was on the TTC forum image. I am pretty well thanks, just trying to get rid of the 2nd poxy cold of the winter! My bump seems to be fine though - 16+3 today!

    I also found it took a while to sink in that I was really pregnant, and we didn't tell anyone until after the scan at 12 weeks, just in case something went wrong. But actually I've been very lucky so far and had very few problems (I think the worst I've had was an exorcist-like session in the toilets at heathrow airport...). I'm sure you will be fine, just relax and enjoy your pregnancy! And if you have any questions, everyone in here is really nice and helpful image.

    Good luck xx
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