Babies weight wen born..

I had my midwife appointment on tues wen i was 27+5days it wasnt my original mw but the 1 i saw told me my baby will weigh around 8lbs again wen hes born my 1st child weighed 8lb exactly so it does lk like ill be havin another big baby image.ne1else been told there havin big babies?
abbie n blue bump 28wk+2


  • I was told I was having a big baby and she was 9lbs 12oz! She was 14 days late though so they said they thought she'd have been about a lb lighter had she been on time!!
  • My daughter weighed 7lb 4oz and my son 7lb 10oz and was told they were both going to be big babies but they were both just average size. Then when i was pregnant with my second daughter i was told she wasn't growing properly @ my 36 week check up. When she was born 4 days late i was shocked as she weighed the heaviest at 8lb 12oz. x
  • my daughter was born smack on 38weeks and waighed 7 pounds 1oz.
    she was always messuring bigger then dates, they said when my daughter was born she was a good waight i reccon if she was born on her due date she would have been about 8 pounds+.
    im having a boy this time and i am messuring big again so im hoping i have him around the same 38 weeks, but dont want to go over due date cause of him getting even bigger lol.

  • Hi, when I was pregnant with my ds I was told all the way through that he was going to be a big baby. He was born at 37 weeks and weighed 7lbs. Mw told me that if he had come on time he would probally have been about 8lb.

  • My lo was born at 34+4 weighing 3lb 12oz. I was never really told what weight to expect but I suppose I didn't expect to go so early either. I was very petite so I didn't expect to have a big baby and even if I had of went full term I don't think she would have been that big either.
  • With my first I kept asking if baby would be big as I had a huge bump but mw kept saying she didn't think daughter was 8lb 9oz when born which is rather big in my opinion! She looked like a little sumo when she came out with really chubby cheeks, gorgeous! This time I feel massive but think I'm measuring right for dates, just worried as everyone seems to say that second babies are bigger! Hopefully I'll have this one on time though as my little girl was 10 days late.

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