best non-drinking excuses - advice please!

hi girls

I got my bfp on saturday and this is my first post!! (woo hoo!)

I had to go out sat night and it was awful - pretended I was drinking and just brought my own drinks but everyone kept offering me drinks and i just found the night so stressful!!!

I have quite afew big nights out coming up- have already decided to cancel afew of them but some I have to go to......please can you advise me on the best excuses u have all used when not drinking!! the antibiotics one always raises questions.....!

thanku xxx

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  • urine/ bladder infection is by far the best excuse in my eyes, one u'll be on anti biotics so can't drink, two alcohol wld iritate a urine/bladder infection even more and 3 if u did have a UTI ur tummy (bladder) maybe slightly tender so perfect excuse for being overly cautious of ppl bumping into u etc

    hope this helps


  • the best one i used is im on antibiotics for tooth absess as you cant drink on antibiotics obviously image sneaky little deviants arent we :lol:


  • Oooo, I really need this advice too.
    I definitely have a pre-planned night out when I will be 9 weeks and our Christmas party when I will be just 12 weeks (am hoping I get my scan date for before so I can tell people).
    The antibiotics excuse is a good one but my problem is that I am never ill (haven't had a day off work in 6 years) so I just worry that it won't wash. I can't even use the "I'm driving" excuse as we already have hotels booked for both nights out. Aaarrrggghhh.....
  • congrats on ur bfp, this is such a hard time isn;t it? I had few nights out in my first 12 wks, some i did make my excuses, some i pretended to drink, which i agree was very stressfull. But some of the excuses i used were antibiotics, driving- made out i had to drive home, or drive somewhere in the morn. Sometimes i made the excuse i had to work early in morn- This may not work for u but i work shifts so alot of week-ends and early starts. I managed to keep it secret from pretty much evryone, but was very hard!!

    Goodluck, and congrats again on pregnancy.

  • thanks girls for the advice - wonder what things I can make up in the next 8 weeks (im only 4+1!).

    I have so many nights out planned as ttc was getting me down and decided to carry on normal life and book loads of nights out and now i have my bfp - typical lol!! anyway being pg is the most important thing for me so I guess I have to try and not stress about it!!
    Ps - cant say im driving as all nights out are in central london!!
  • Congratulations on your bfp image
    You could try using the excuse that you're on a bit of a detox to help ttc/in run up to Christmas/give liver a rest. I used this excuse when I was early pregnant and was accepted no probs!
  • Congradulations on your bfp:\)
  • I would go with the diet/detox excuse!

    There are loads of calories in alcohol, google some diets without alcohol to come up with some convincing name for 'your diet' and tell everyone you're off alcohol (throw in some other high calorie foods for good measure) until new year, by which time you'll be home and dry!!!
  • On one night out, I also got OH not to drink - said we'd both been drinking too much recently and were having a week off. Somehow having someone else not drinking made it less suspicious.

    On my 30th, when I had morning sickness all day and all night, I just said I'd caught a twenty four hour bug - and pretended the problem was err.... both ends... No-one wants to hear about that.....!

    Lovely to see you on the pg forum Mrs B!
  • thanks girls - the detox/diet one might work as I have put on a stone since my wedding 3 months ago through no gym and over-indulgence - opps!!
    thanks also for the congrats - i still cant believe it image!
  • Yey, congratulations! You could claim to be hungover (also a good cover up for sickness)
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