a question about early scans....

im having a scan when I think ill be 8+0, although maybe 8+2 or 8+3 if had a shorter cycle like did the previous month. will this scan be internal or like normal? x


  • i had one at 8+4 and it was abdominal. they'll probably try that and if they are struggling to find the baby (ie if your dates are wrong of when you ovulated) then it will be internal.
  • thanks for your reply. im pretty sure of my dates so hopefully be abdominal. dont fancy it being internal, although like hubby says i cant get through this pregnancy being so shy. x
  • Hi Hun, I had 2 bleeds at 8+1 and 8+3 so they scanned me both times and it was via my tummy. There was a definite baby there with heartbeat so try and not worry. Hope all goes well x
  • Hi I had one when I was 6+3 and mine was on my tummy and as I had a full bladder they could see it easily so that might be worth remembering. Even at that early stage you could clearly see the shape and the heart beating away like mad so at 8+ you should see a great image!

    It is so re-assuring seeing the bean in the right place and with a strong heartbeat. If I hadn't been sent for an emergency scan then I would have def paid for a private one.
    Goodluck xx
  • thanks guys! i really cant wait, will be lovely to have some reassurance to see beanie in right place with a heartbeat. will maybe feel more real after that. having scan on 9th september, then go on holiday that weekend. i dont have the patience to wait until 12 weeks, and am grateful for some reassurance around fact that they should be able to do an abdominal scan.
  • Good luck! Even if you do have to have an internal (sometimes they do both so they can get a better look) it really doesn't hurt at all, and its quite dignified and respectful - you're completely covered up, they use the probe like its's a tampon and it doesn't hurt, but maybe a little cold at first.

    I had two early scans, they tried the adbo one first both times and could see what they needed to, they then used the internal just to get a better look.

    Really don't worry even if it is internal. x
  • thanks, that doesnt sound too bad. im very nervous about people looking, lol! think ill have to get over it if im going to have a baby x
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