Fetal Doppler - good to buy or not?

I am 10 + 2 and was considering purchasing a fetal doppler as ive been so worried with this pregnancy I thought it might put my mind at ease in between scans and be a really nice thing to have.

However when I spoke to my husband about it he didnt think it was a good idea as he said as soon as you try it and you dont pick up the heartbeat you will be even more worried when you wont know for sure that there is a problem - which I can imagine happening.

So now I wondered what you guys thought - good purchase or more prone to making you worry ?

Also how early can they detect a heartbeat ?


  • hi mrsweir my friend has got one n shes really disopointed with it coz all she keeps getting is a static sound.
  • Do you know which make she bought ? I heard the Angel sounds one was good ?
  • Hi
    I bought one for my last pregnancy as I was so paranoid, but didn't pick up heartbeat until about 16 weeks I think. The problem is that the baby is obviously always in different places and it's quite difficult to find at first and that does add to the stress. However, I loved using it and being able to hear the heartbeat whenever I wanted, rather than every 4 weeks with the midwife!
  • Hi there!

    I bought the summer heart to heart one and couldnt find anything! I was soo worried that something was wrong, but the girls on here advised me to buy the angel sounds one so i did and it came today and i heard the heartbeat straight away, so i def recommend it, im sure you will find it straight away too, its great to hear your lo move about etc.


  • hi i had a summer heart to hear prenatal listening system it was good but you only can pick the heart beat up from 27 weeks and times it is hard to find. If you wont one i would get one of ebay about ??5 have look
  • i echo most of whats been said. I bought the summer one its rubbish and am now 26 weeks and cant hear a thing except static.
    However i bought angelsounds one 2nd hand and heard heartbeat early on 19 weeks and i have an anterior placenta too(at front and makes more difficult to hear).
    you are still quite early on and may make you more anxious but may hear baby according to some comments previously with angelsounds from 11 weeks!!! trick is to keep calm and keep trying as baby is still quite small in there and has plenty of room to move. took me 3 nights to hear properly.
    Filo x
  • i have the summer one and if anyone wants it their welcome to it, lol, but i warn you, its a piece of poo, lol, well its ok, it picks stuff up but at times is muffled and you need to have decent batteries



  • Fetal Dopplers offer the following benefits for parents during pregnancy:
    Peace of Mind: Being able to listen to your baby's heartbeat in the womb whenever you like can be comforting and greatly reduce anxiety during pregnancy. This can be especially true when a mother has had a difficult pregnancy before.
    Enjoyment: It is a truly amazing experience when you hear your unborn baby's heartbeat for the first time when you use a doppler. You can also hear distinctive movements and kicks as your baby grows.
    Family Bonding: Dopplers allow you to share your baby sounds in the womb with other family members such as young siblings, partners and grand-parents. You can also record your baby's heatbeat to a computer and share with distant friends and family by email, Facebook and so on.
    Convenience: You are not confined to waiting for an appointment with a midwife or doctor to hear your baby's heartbeat - instead a Doppler can be used on demand in the comfort of your own home.
    Follow the link for more details on Fetal Doppler Benefits
  • My husband ordered BabyWatch Doppler the other day from Indiegogo.com . It's anew doppler with the iphone and androidapp on which you can monitor your pregnancy, share the sound of your baby on facebook via soundcloud, share the cisualisation of the baby's heartbeat, count kicks and read all the latest news


  • I have one from babies r us & its pants.

    Im 25wk + 4 x

  • Hi all,

    i am currently looking for a Fetal Monitor i am just over 11 weeks now.. i am wanting to hear my babies H-Beat again and all the way throu my Pregnancy. Instead of waiting weeks to hear again at Appointments.  i am looking at one on Ebay its a 2012 NEW Angetsounds Fetal Prenatal Heart Rate onitor Doppler..

    i am worried it would be the wrong one to get has anyone used this sort as yet?



    do let me know otherwise i am thinking of buying a S-Hnd CORE Prenatal/Fetal Heart Monitor/listener.

    any ideas as to which would really be worth my money?


    please help me out


  • I bought a fetal doppler a while back when i was 7/8 weeks and im now 18 + 1 weeks and i hear babies heartbeat perfectly totally puts my mind at ease when i use it now and again but tbh i hardly use it now that baby kicks and moves about loads so that keeps my anxiety at bay image im using like the ones that the midwifes use and is worth the money well i think so anyway xx
  • Hi

    I would just say be cautious because the amount of use midwife's use dopplers for has never been verified as safe. The assumption is it's low risk but if you were to use it quite frequently it's an unknown factor.

    I recently found an app called tiny beats which costs around ??2.50. It just uses the microphone on your mobile phone and you turn off the wifi when using it. It's brill!

    However it only works from third trimester when you have the movements to reassure you.

    I think in answer to worrying it's up to you but remember midwives don't tend to even try before 16 weeks for dear if not finding it and freaking us out.image

    I hope whatever you decide you feel reassured soon. Those early weeks can be so tense.

    You'll soon be annoyed by kicks and being too heavy thoughimage
  • Hi all

    I am really wanting to buy a fetal Doppler too, I am currently 17+5 weeks. I’m looking at an angel sound one off eBay for £22.49.

    What do you all think?

     Thanks xxx

  • I would 100% advise against getting one... if you have concerns in your pregnancy you are best to speak to a midwife. 

    They are trained to interpret what they hear and we (I am assuming) are not. You may incorrectly pick up your own heart beat and be reassured that all is well when it might not be. 

    Kicks Count online has lots of information as to why they actually put baby at risk and are currently petitioning goverment to ban the sale of the product. 

    Your midwife will be happy to discuss your pregnancy with you and help You feel more reassured. 

    please  this issue with your MW before you purchase and I can gaurentee that she will say the same as me. 

    Best of luck with your pregnancy x

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