when did you show

Hi everyone

Just want to know when everyone starting to get a bump, or start to show, Just wondering when the earlyist you can have a bump.

Thanks Helen



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  • Hi Helen! I started to show at about 20 wks this pregnancy, but didn't show until about 24 wks in first pregnancy. Some people show really early on though. It must just depend on you size and shape. I'm normally a size 10 and 5ft 7". Hope that helps, Love Rachel XXX
  • I was a size 14 before pregnancy and started showing at about 15-16 weeks. Until then I didn't show at all but my bump kind of shot out. However I don't think it was very obvious, u could only really tell from the side. xxx
  • Hi with my first preg i didnt show till about 16 weeks and with this one i was very suprised to be showing by11 mw said u do show quicker and tend to look bigger with subsequant children i dont think it really matters about your size before hand as i was a 18/20 both times and still showed quite early good luck with it all Sophie 31+1 xx

  • Hi, with my first pregnancy and this one i started to show quite early (between 9-10wks), and like Zoey I have a HUGE bump now and people are always commenting on how I look much bigger than 22wks. (Er hello is it any of ur business, ha ha ha). Think everyone is different tho so dnt worry to much. Kerry xxx
  • I didn't start to show until about 18 weeks althought I am 23 weeks now and would still say my bump is quite small but noticeable I'm looking forward to waddling around but I know it will be a nightmare lol

  • hiya
    i found it a struggle to do my trousers up at around 10wks and just wore a bump band over the top - i wouldnt say i was showing (just looked like i ate too many pies!) but around 16wks was when i had a definite bump i think!
  • Hi
    I didn't get a bump til bout 17 or 18 weeks, i'm now 22+5 and my bump has grown but is stil quite small
  • Hi, I looked like I had a bit of a spare tyre which formed a very small bump at 16-17 weeks and my boobs grew around the same time! Hubby and I both think I now look pregnant but others only notice if I'm wearing a fitted top or they already know. I love having a bump even though its still small xx


  • Hi, everyone is different my friend was showing as soon as we found out she was pg this little bump seemed to appear from no where but I didn't start showing until about 24 weeks
    Lauren (35+3) xox
  • my clothes started feeling tight about 8 weeks this time, but I don't think it looks that big yet but a friend says it's really shot out in the last week.

    I was a 12/14, more like a 12 now!



  • im 9 weeks and huge!!! i lokk nearly 6 months!
  • I started to really show in the last 2 weeks or so (am 21 weeks tomorrow). I have a round bump at the front. I am usually a size 8. In some clothes you can't really tell still tho!
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