Anti-D injection

I had this with my first pregancy as I have negative blood so am due to have it again.

Anyway, I have to have two injections - one at 28 weeks and one at 34 weeks. For my first one they wanted me to travel to the nearest city to have it but as I dont drive it would be difficult and take me a good couple of hours one way on a bus.

They said that the next time that I could have it at a local hospital would when I would be 27+ 2 or 29 +3. The lady I spoke to wasnt a midwife but I heard her say to someone in the background '' it will be okay at 29 + 3 wouldnt it?''

all I heard from someone was 'yes'. I dont know who it was.

Im a little concerned now. If its so important to have it at particular points in your pregnancy, home come they can change it when it suits???

anyone has the anti-d later than 28 or 29 weeks???


  • hiya, i have had my 28 week one and am due my 34 week one next week. I dont think there is any harm in having it at different times though as they administer it immediately if there is bleeding etc regardless of when you last had one or due the next one if that makes sense ! x
  • Hiya, it never used to be common practice to give it at all unless there was a bleed, it was never offered to me with my first son untill after i'd delivered, and i chose not to have it with my 2nd again until after i'd delivered and had babys blood results back and knew i needed it. I probably wont have it with this one either unless i have a bleed and need it, or need it after delivery if baby has a different blood group to me, so i would say it probably doesnt matter if its a week earlier or later xx
  • thank you for your advice. You've been really helpful x
  • Its a precaution incase you have a silent bleed in utero that u dont know about - i had to have 3 b4 20wks tho due to bleeding - just had my 28wk one on tuesday at 28+3....thank god there over!!! xxxx
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