New Look - maternity wear!

HI girls just though I would quickly drop a line to say that I have just been to my local New Look store for a pair of maternity leggings and can't believe the bargains I got in the sale! Spent ??19 and got ??114 worth of stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alot of the tops are reduced to as little as ??1 and the jeans and trousers are either ??7 or ??5!
Def worth a visit!!!
P.s didn't actually get any leggings though!!!


  • Ooh, now that sounds like a good shopping trip...will have to get myself to New Look!!
    Have started to really need maternity clothes now, so thats a great reason! Well done on your bargains
  • Yeah I went to the sale in new look as well, the maternity stuff wasn't great cos my legs r too short for the trousers, but in the normal range they had loads of tops suitable for whilst pregnant and they were all like a quid it was really good!!
  • Hi was in there today and got a pair of jeans for ??12 and a top for ??5 and they have some nice stuff too and good prices even if not in the sale.
    vikki xx
  • I got some lovely fashionable stuff in new look for work last weekend, it wasn't in the sale but still a good price!
  • Hi, when I was pregnant last year I found maternity leggings in Dorothy Perkins. I don't know if they still stock them.
  • hi all, i work at newlook and willl be having even more great maternity wear in soon as the sales shifted ready for the new season! cant wait to see what we have in next.
  • Hey just wanted to say I think their maternity range is fab, it's the most reasonably priced & actually best fitting that i've come across!
  • I would agree that it is really good fitting too! Only glad I could share the info....happy shopping girls!
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