waterproof sheets

Hi ladies
I was just reading another post and the lady asid she was putting a waterproof sheet on her bed incase waters broke in night. I was just wondering where i would buy one from as our bed is new and i dont want to spoil matress?


  • I think you can get them in argos? or ebay? Just google plastic sheet?
  • my midwife said get a shower curtain from asda they are only 99 p!
  • cheap shower curtains r great as the posh 1s r not as waterproof, i used a tesco 99p 1 when i gave birth to my lo and the bed suffered no distress image xx
  • My friend is gonna swipe me some from work!
    Thats probably not much help really is it!!

    Another friend highly recommends waterproof covers of some variety if you are going in a car - especially if its someone elses car! She says she's never been allowed to forget her waters breaking in her friends car!!
  • i have just bought a waterproof matress from kleeneze, as they come to you plus my bed is new to so hubby keeps going on about it, it was only 8.00. x
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