I'm so annoyed at Mamas and papas..

I saw the perfect pram/pushchair..a herbie hot n bothered....red..reduced from 550 to ??265..then i went to order it this morning and its back up to its original price..all the other colors are STILL reduced..apart for the one I want for my baby doll..

can i complain to them ??

Simi x


  • Hey..im feeling ignored image
  • I would think that they had sold out of the red at the ??265price, and when they reordered, the price from the manufacturer was higher, so they have had to charge the new stock at the full price.

    To be fair, with shops having such small margins these days, there is not much point in complaining. They don't have to sell at the old price, and don't have to offer you any goodwill gesture either.


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  • If it was me I would ask why all the other colours are still reduced. Don't get why some shops do this?! You don't get if you don't ask - it's worth a try!!
    I've seen this on offer too in our local M&P. It is a very nice pushchair and for once with M&P you get the extra inc in the price.
  • It doesn't hurt to ask but I wouldn't hold out much hope as they don't have to sell them all at the same price. Are you not happy to opt for another colour to get the better price if they cannot offer that one at the price you want?

    Good luck!

    Amy. x
  • hey there is one on ebay 130 pound it ends soon too, so go and get yourself on there!!
  • As some of the other ladies said, I would contact them and ask. I would also ring a couple of the stores and ask. Some of them may still have the promotion on in store and may allow you to purchase over the phone. We went to the Northampton one a couple of weeks ago and they were brilliant - gave us quite a bit of extra money off and a free moses basket!
  • We went to buy this pushchair as we seen it was reduced online and asked a member for a demo as its our first and I really have no clue with prams etc and she actually told us not to buy this pram...I asked why thinking she would try and sell me a more expensive model but she just said they have over 1000 in the warehouse and they keep being returned as the fabric goes all bobbly and a funny colour....the wheels have problems and the handle etc......totally put us of buying this just though I would let you know...maybe look for user reviews online before you buy.
    M x
  • Hi,
    I was going to go for this one but went on which reviews and it was slated. I haven't seen a good review for it. I had ultima mamas and papas in denim with my first which was good but too big. This time I am going for one of the Icandy range.
    Dani 33 weeks
  • also to mention i just bought the dolly mixture one of ebay and its excellent, i LOVE it!!
  • Hi guys,

    Well..thanks for all ur replies image I will re-check the reviews...can anybody recommend a good pram/pushchair for a girl..something reliable..
  • There is also the Maclaren Techno XLR Stroller in brown and pink that i've seen on the mothercare website..it has great reviews..any s ladies xx

  • You may have had a lucky escape! I bought a Pliko Pramette a couple of years ago and it collapsed while I was pushing my 6 wk old baby in it!
    Like Sarah and Samuel I found their customer services shocking, I did however refuse to leave the store until I was refunded. It wasn't until I got on the phone to the local Press (4 hrs later) that they conceded and gave me my money back. Rubbish service!

    I bought a Graco model and it's been fantastic. Also have good experience with Silver Cross but they are a bit heavy.


  • hmmm..thanks for all ur replies..it does seem like i may not bother with the herbie anymore..all the reviews r bad. I've been surfing the web and chicco do one in beige and pink..its out of stock but will be available in 4 weeks..ill keep looking x
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