59 days

59 days to go until my babys birth image cnt wait im gettin excited.how long has every1 else got to wait?also im thinking of calling my son Eli-Rhys what do u think?

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  • im not pregnant image i miss it lol my lo is almost 16 weeks!
    that is a lovely name you have chosen xx
  • thankyou image i was goin to call him rhys then mum sed what bout the name Eli n now ive taken toit so i thought Eli-rhys instead image
  • lol what date are you due as im 21st april and have 64 days !! thats a lvely name like you im a blue bump and are calling lo joshur jaymes and jj for short !!!
  • 123 days here we've gone James Daniel if a boy which every one says i'm having...
  • im due 17th april joshur jaymes is nice im thinkin of havin 2 or 3 middle names for my baby im thinkin Eli-rhys michael james or just Eli-rhys james im not sure yet cos michael is the dads name and james is a family name.
  • 129 Days to go for me image and we find the sex out on friday wohooooooooooooo
  • alot of people have choosen james mu oh middle name is james so we are liking the idea of carrying it on but we are spelling it differently (jaymes)
  • yer ive noticed that yer thats a nice way of spellin it.
  • Hi! I've got 11 days to go and I'm started to get sick of being pregnant! Me and Hubby are having our second boy, and are gonna call him Daniel Thomas. Just hope he comes soon! XXX
  • No way - I was jealous enough when I saw 54 days, but 11 days is just not fair - waaaaah! I've STILL got 109 days. Hmph.

    Love the name - my oh has Reiss or Miles for a boy and I've chosen Maya or Eve for a girl, but I have seen loads of Eves recently on baby forums so may rethink!
  • I am SO jealous!! Stil got 131 days to go feels like forever tho!! Can't wait 4 it to go below 100!!
  • Hey

    I have 13 days to go....or so I thought. Been to the midwife today and she said the my little girl isn't quite engaged yet and her postioning isn't quite right. She is laying with her back to my left side. I'm so gutted that she's not engaged, I really thought she was ready to come out! I thought my labour had started the other day but no such luck. Looks like I'll go over. Booooooooo! I am so uncomfortable and bored. I'm going to try everything I can to get her into position. I've got my birthing ball out to bounce around on and I've been for a long walk today (aching everywhere now tho!). Hopefully this will do the trick! Anyone else in the same situation?!?!?

    We have decided to call our little girl Bella!

  • hi i have 74 ays to go and im counting every minite this little one has been having a party for the last three days and night has not stoped wish it would give me a brake lol have desided on merlissa sian for a girl or luke ifan for a boy im hopeing for a girl ssshhhhh dont tell hubby he wants a boy lol
  • i have 37 days to go, needs to hurry up now lol.

    its a nice name hun, never heard that before. x
  • Ooh ooh ooh!!

    I have 3 days left!!!

    That is a really lovely name hun.
    We've chosen Ruby Elise for this little munchkin!
    Please send me lots of labour wishes as sooooo ready for her to come out now!

    Just off to midwife so fingers crossed she says she is fully engaged! Woohoo! xxxxxxxx
  • 73 days here. feels like ages away
  • ive got 25 days left and saw the midwife yesterday, she said that my boys not got much room left to grow now and hes right up in my ribs and to be honest i can defently feel that most of the time and it hurts, alot. but hes engaging so now its just the waiting game of when he wants to pop out.
    i keep getting so fed up lately so i really cant wait till he decides to come say hello to me :]

    good luck to everyone else and all the names everyones mentioned are beautiful.
  • hi ladies
    i have 49 days left - definitely fed up with being pregnant already! got my ball out to sit on now as thats the only way i can get comfortable. so hopefully that'll get the little man in position early!!

    february baby - what did midwife say? fingers crossed little ruby comes soon image
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