Anyone had a student midwife involved anytime?

Just wondered. I had a final year student midwife do my check up appointment today with my usual midwife sitting in and she did everything very well and I wasn't bothered in the slightest - after all they have to learn somehow! I just wondered if anyone else had had any in on anything? I wonder how popular a career it is? How long is the course? Now I am just waffling so will shut up!


  • heya craftycharli, iv had a student in twice. they checked my pee (lol sorry!)and felt for baby, which i was fine withas like u say, they have to learn somehow. ive been reading up on mw courses as am keen to start one nextyear and they are changing them from diplomas etc to degrees which i think is good, and they take min 3 years here. thinkit depends on u, like a nurse wont take as long in training as someone who ishaving a complete career change.
    i do wonder if i would want one there at the birth but i spose i wont care by that point, and that mite be me one day so i cant say no!
    do u always see the same mw then? i have a different one evry time i go, there is a team of them that operate the area and i havent got a clue who will be delivering my baby!

  • I have always had the same one at my doc's surgery as there is only one based there but the team who work the hospital unit come from all over the area and although my regular midwife does do shifts there, there is no way of knowing that she will be on duty when I go into labour so like you have no clue who will deliver!
  • HI, I had a mature student at my appointment. She took my blood pressure first time. Only annoying thing was the mw seemed more interested in teaching the student than be friendly to me but hey! We will see what happens next time lol! I didnt mind her being there and taking part, they need to learn and the best way is by doing the practical stuff themselves.
    Training..its 3 years unless you are already a qualified adult nurse and you can do it in 18months.
  • I had a student mw during the birth of my first... dont know what she was like as I was totally out of it... she did seem a bit embarressed the next day on the ward so I dont knwo what I did or said to her image but once I said hello she was fine
  • i had a student midwife present throughout labour - i was asked when i was going to the delivery suite and frankly there could have been anyone there!
    tbh i think you prob get better care as they are hopefully being taught by an experienced midwife and by the book.
  • I had a student midwive in final year for my second birth and she was fantatstic completely thourough and was so understanding and caring. I would recommend it as where they are learning they do the checks more thoroughly and seem to spend more time with you. I couldnt have been more grateful towards mine hopeing to get her this time round as she should have qualified now!!

  • i had one once in my booking appt she took my blood and omg it hurt so bad took 20 mins 2 find a vein woop woo its all good tho cos i will be one soon xxxxxxxxx
  • Ive had a student at one of my appointments closely watched by my normal midwife! The student couldnt find where the baby was lying and tbh wasn't that friendly but hey they all have to learn!
  • I had two during labour (was there that long there kept coming and going off shift) and I can really recommend one they were really friendly keen to impress and were being checked all the time.
  • I had a student midwive in at my last appointment. It was great coz the midwive was showing her everything (which I was happy to hear about) and the student was asking loads of questions that I liked hearing the answer to. The midwive was also much more thorough than she had been the first time!
  • i had a student midwife with me throughout labour, suturing and she helped me freshen up as everytime i stood up i went dizzy due to low bp so couldn't have a bath, she was absolutely fantastic. i also had a student checking on me through the night who was also fantastic.
  • I had a student midwife deliver my 2nd baby, it was her 17th and she was in her final year, she was fantastic, she had measured me after the proper midwife did when I was 4cm and she got it right, she was great and I am so proud that baby Jessica was her 17th baby delivered.
  • P.S my 18 yr old step-daughter has just started the course it is 3 yrs general nursing then another 2 yrs midwifery which made me more eager to let her have a go.
  • i had a student midwife called michelle thru out my labour with first she was fantastic i wasnt aloud of the bed from 4cm dilated, so she would talk with me and gety me water ext,
    i didnt know how i would feel about one beeing there but it was fine, she cheked how far dilated i was after the qualifide midwife ext, she couldnt help deliver the baby witch was a shame as she really wanted to,but had complications so doctor had to deliver baby,
    im hoping to have one this time round to as they seem to be very nice people xx

  • i had one at my labour and she was brillaint, she was supose 2 finsh at 1pm but she woudlnt go till the baby was born, so she didnt leave till 2.30pm bless her x
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