Selling a silvercross 3D

Hi ladies, sorry for g/c. Hope all your pregnancies are going well image

I am trying to sell my silver cross 3d buggy in skyline. It is 4 months old, it honestly looks brand new, not a mark on it and i also have 2 brand new front wheels with it, so the old ones can be taken off (there isnt anything wrong, i was just given a spare set)

I still have the box it came in, as well as the changing bag, rain covers and carry cot.

Honestly cannot stress how fantastic the condition is, the only reason i want to sell is because i didnt think about boot space and it takes up the full boot (have a little clio) so i bought a stroller.

Ive checked interlink express, and it will cost ??15 for delivery and will be delivered within 2 days. As for the price im open to all offers, i dont have a figure in my mind. They sell for ??350 brand new but im not expecting anything near that.
Also if anyone is interested, i will send photos.

Hope you dont mind me posting, just thought it was worth a try as we are moving too so i dont want to take it with us.

Thanks for taking the time to read,
Jade x

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