• I was a bit disappointed to be honest, my biggest gripe with maternity clothes is that most of the dresses are black so was hoping for a bit more colour with this range but the coloured ones are a little too short for my rugby player legs lol

    Some nice tops though

  • I agree Lulu I would like more colours on maternity wear, so far the best range I have seen is on asos. I do like the silk top that Holly designed though.
  • Hi Lulu i completely agree - why cant the dresses be a little longer....i dont want to show off my podgy legs ha! xxx
  • Oooh, I like loads of things, I want:

    the cardi (I know it's not exactly and over the bump thing, but it's nice!)
    the white blouse
    the purple blouse
    the blue dress
    ...not that purple dress though, hubby says it looks like she has three boobs! (I think he means the bump, lol!)
  • aw i missed this morning image
    well i really like the purple dress for a wedding im going to in two months time image
    i agree with lulu too that is another thing i have notice with maternity wear is the lack of colour or pattern .
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