Co Codamol (sp?)

Hi all

has anyone taken co codamol since being pregnant?

Am suffering with my back and hips and the physio is on leave so spoke to people at antenatal day unit they said to get some co codamol for the pain to see if this helps then see physio asap.

I am wary of taking paracetomol let alone co codamol as have had 2 m/c's in the past

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  • just had a quick look on the web and found this:-

    Co-codamol contains paracetamol and codeine. Paracetamol is safe to take in pregnancy and is the painkiller usually recommended. Codeine is what is known as an opioid analgesic (related to morphine) and is not considered safe to use in pregnancy. The risks associated with the use of codeine also apply mainly to the last three months. Codeine is not associated with congenital abnormalities, and co-codamol is very unlikely to have harmful effects when used in the first months of pregnancy.
  • when i was in labour the first time i was given codiene to help with the pain i went to 6cm taking it. I was also admitted a few weeks ago to hospital with suspected contractions & given codeine again for the pain together with paracetamol (which i was also prescribed after my first labour as i had stitches) so i thought codeine was safe, cant see the hopsital giving you it if not - very strange !!
  • Hi

    thanks for the replies i am seeing my doctor for my 4 weekly check tomorrow so i will ask him what he thinks like i said i am wary of taking anything even paracetomol.

    Thanks again

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  • i took co codmol and know a few of the spdsufferers on here took it. i was told to take it by my doctor and took it in the last few weeks of pregnancy. word of warning though codeine can make you constipated!
  • i always take codine in pregnancy, the first time it was prescribed by the doc at 16weeks, can cause constipation though.

    It can be extracted from opium, most is synthised these days, so don't need to worry.
  • Hi i cant really help with this one as im alleergic to co-codamol/codeine if you do decide to take it i would only take one and see if that works i know when i could take it if i took 2 i would feel really off my face for a few hours defo speak to the doc first hun Sophie 33wks today xx

  • hi - I've got bad SPD and have been prescribed co-codomol by gp - he assured me its safe. I take 2x8/500 during the day and then 2x30/500 before I go to bed - Dr advised this to help me get a bit of sleep....
    They do space you out a bit and make you a bit tired, but you get used to them - all I'm doing is lying/sitting around anyway - can't do anything else!!
    I've been taking fybrogel twice a day to try and prevent the constipation, which is helping too - as the codiene is bad for that.
    I'm like you and didn't want to take anything but boy do I notice if I don't take my painkillers - can hardly walk and it feels like a few steps is a marathon and agony.

    Hope it all helps hon

    32 wks
  • hi i have endometriosis and my gynea consultant, who's also a fertility specalist told me that it's fine to take both paracetomol and codine during pregnancy, he said there two of the only analgesics that are safe to take, i agree with the other ladies though codine is bad for constipation
    hope this helps xx
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