Looks like I'm going over my due date

Hi all,

Getting to that fed up stage now. I'm due tomorrow with my first baby, but there doesn't seem to be any signs of it arriving. I think its going to be stubborn and last to the very end.

I've had a great pregnancy except for the last few weeks, when my blood pressure started to rise. But then it goes down, then up then down. Like a yo yo. Don't know whether I'm coming or going. Have to keep getting monitored, but then I feel like I'm being a nuisance to the already overworked midwives.

And daytime TV is driving me crazy!!!!

Can't wait till my little girl arrives.

Rant over :\)


  • awwwww morgwick i feel for ya sounds like you really are fed up lol stop the TV and put on some music and chill or wartch a DVD don't have TV aERIAL SO LUCKILY DON'T GET CRAPPY DAYTIME tv BUT USED AND IT WAS sooooo bORING. sTARTED WATCH A LOT OF dvdS INSTEAD WHICH WORKS
  • sorry appears i knocked my caps lock button OOPS
  • Hope you get a show soon because day time telly will warp your brain. Im only on day 2 of Mat Leave and already thinking about going back to work to relieve the boredom. Iv still got 8 weeks to go and im sooo uncomfortable so I can only imagine how you feel.

    Good luck, im sure you will meet your lovely little girl soon.
  • I'm quickly getting through my DVD's!! I'm not the type who likes sitting around though. Feel like I should be doing something, but husband keeps telling me off because of my blood pressure.

    I'm into my 2nd week of maternity. I purposely made sure that that I didn't finish too early, as I knew I would get bored.

    I know that in a couple of weeks I could be wishing for the peace and quiet that I have now. No pleasing some people image
  • I can totally sympathise Morgwick I'm 10 days over my due date now and unfortunately due to a stomach bug at 35 weeks which started contractions have been off work since then it feels like a lifetime. I'm being induced Thursday after two failed membrane sweeps, have felt reaaly down because I was expecting him early or atleast on time especially after the initial scare. Hope you go soon have you started trying all the old wives tales yet? I've exhausted everyone. Have m/w mentioned a sweep to you? Lisa 41+3 weeks xxx
  • No, no sweep has been mentioned. They say that if the baby hasn't arrived by 10 days over, then I'll go in to the hospital for a checkup with a scan and baby heart monitor etc. If everything is ok then it will be down to 14 days over before I'm induced.

    This is all providing the blood pressure doesn't cause any problems.
  • i really feel for you! i'm 39weeks and am dreading going overdue as i'm completely bored and fed up! i've been off work for ages now as i had lots of annual leave to take too, and god i've been tempted to go back just for something to do! lol. at least you know it's going to happen very shortly! good luck xx
  • Oh still no sign.

    I thought on Tuesday night that I may be starting with labour, as had very crampy stomach, but nothing has come of it.

    Saw midwife yesterday, and she seems to think that the head is still not engaged, whereas the midwife on Tuesday said it was. Do midwives often have conflicting opinions?

    So still waiting image

  • Thought I would tell you this - when I had my first I had a major energy burst the night before. I could have run a marathon! I had no waters breaking or anything but apparently people could tell because I was so restless - just a little sign for you to look out for!
  • Over due? thats what im dredding i hope i dont, I'm only14 weeks and suffering really bad with morning sickness, any one have any suggestions apart from sleeping? Just put your feet up and relax have plenty of hot curries and spicey food thats suppose to work so my mum says

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  • Thanks for the info. I'll watch out for it, although at the moment I'm feeling tired all the time, no matter how much I sleep at night.

  • You can swap with me...I'm 16 weeks and so fed-up of work, being on my feet all day knackered and collapsing at 9 every night. I'd die for a bit of daytime telly lol - ah well it's the weekend now! So yeah I'll swap...and then swap back as soon as labour starts lol!

    Seriously though, I'm sure baby will show itself soon! Good luck and let us know x x x
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