Had my 1st m/w app on Monday and one thing she asked me to do was to stop caffiene intake. I asked why but she said she wasnt going to go into the ins and outs but with the results of a recent survey and with my background, she would rather I stopped it. Anyone been told this? Only drink coffee at home but do have hot drinks at friends etc. Am actually finding it harder than I thought xx


  • Have a look at this. it would seem that although, for most people a small amount of caffiene is ok some research has suggested that if you are already at risk of premature birth then caffiene can make the problem worse. Probably worth switching to decaf just to be on the safe side. I'm suprised your midwife wouldn't explain it though, if it were me I would have demanded to hear the ins and outs!
    Kerry xx
  • I had no idea it was so important to cut it out completley. I dont drink alot but I do drink 2-3 cups of tea a day, is that too much?
  • hi tuppence!
    i have to say your midwife should have been straight with you and told you why!
    good link off Kerry tho' for you to look at!
  • i'd say 2-3 cups certainly isnt excessive, but my advise would be to switch to decaf instead, to b on the safe side. i did while ttc and got used to it pretty quickly!!
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