Size and Date don't measure up...

Hi all its me again... I wrote about suspected ectopic pregnancy yesterday - and whist that is still on the cards I was wondering if anyone else had gone for a very early scan and were told that the dates and size of what they could see don't match up...
They could see a very very small sak yesterday - but they say that this could be a phantoem pregnancy... (great.. what else can one's body through at us)...
The sak measured 5 weeks at the maximum as there was nothing in it yet.. .and by my dates I should be 6 weeks 2 days..
Has anyone else had this... and gone through to have a successfull pregnancy... I just don't understand...


  • Hi hun, yes this is happening to me. When I went for my first scan at what I thought was bang on 6 weeks they could only see an empty sac and said it looked like 5 weeks. Ive had 2 more scans and no baby but a yolk sac has appeared and the doc said preg was "progressing" after I was told the week before it was 50/50 whether preg would continue. Have my 4th scan tomorrow and praying there will be a heartbeat! I know it s v confusing but theres every chance that when you go back you will see a little bean and maybe your dates were just slightly off!
  • Not nearly as bad as either of you are experiencing, but when I went for an early scan they told me it was probably only about 5 or 6 weeks and I thought it was nearer 7. I went back a week later and they confirmed 6w+3.
    However in the last week or so, following 3 month scan, my due date has changed by more than a week proving my dates were right in the 1st place. It is obviously really hard for them to give an accurate dating/timescale this early on in pregnancy.
    Thoughts are with you both and hope it all goes well. S x
  • Magic Bean and Fran, my heart goes out to you both. I cant imagine how awful you must be feeling with all this uncertainty hanging over you. Got my fingers well and truly crossed, and am hoping all turns out fine for you both. xx
  • Hi,
    I'm sorry but I have no advice, I just wanted to say hello and Magic Bean and Fran-good luck-hope all turns out ok for you both.
    Lydia xx
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