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Did anybody watch this? I think its fasinating, the mums are amazing doing it. I can't imagine how horrid it must be not to be able to have a baby. Must be soooo hard to hand baby over though, not sure I could emotionally detach.

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  • Yes i saw this-i think i could do it for a family member (eg a sister, not that i've got one!) but only if the baby wasn't biologically mine.

    I think what they do is amazing. I couldn't get my head around the lady who had been a surrogate but didn't have any children. I didn't understand her loving being pregnant but not wanting children herself and they were ALL biologically hers xx
  • I watched it, and cried my heart out when that woman walked out of the house with the baby without a word of thanks to the surrogate, and refused to let the surrogate mums own children kiss the baby goodbye! My heart really went out to her, she looked absolutely heart broken. I have such respect for ladies that do this, i cant think of a greater gift to give somebody, however after watching this programme i have to say i dont think i would have the strength to give the baby up at the end of it, especially if the person receiving the baby wasnt very nice!!! I'd do it for my sister perhaps, but think thats about as far as i'd go xxx
  • it was a very enlightening programme i did shed a few tears !! I'm not sure i could do it. my family is not complete yet. but the women who do this are exceptional i have so much respect for them!!
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