1st overdue, does this mean 2nd will be?

Well my first was 6 days overdue and im dreading going over again, im so uncomfortable as it is. Was just wondering wether 2nd babies are more likely to be late or is there a chance lo could be earlia or on time?

Hannah 35 weeks today xx image


  • No my first was 2 days late but my second I went in to labour at 29 weeks but they stopped the contractions thank god but I was in and out of labour for 11 weeks untill he was finaly born 1 day early. every pregnancy is diferent
  • My first was 14 days late and second was 1 day late, i am hoping t go early this time too image
  • i think first babies are more likely to be late i was told this when i was prg the first time.... i was 10 days late with my first it was an agonising wait lol
    im hoping this one wont be late as it will be summer and dont want to be uncomfortable any longer than i should be.

    everybaby and every pregnancy is different so it is hard to say what will happen unfortunatley you will just have to wait and see...

  • jack was 6 days late and sophia was .............6 days late image xxxx
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