Should I spply for a new job, 9wks pg and not told work yet

Hi, I'm a bit confused and any advice would be really helpful.

I moved from one division of a large company to another last October. Since then I have been involved in a restructure and my job changed considerably. However a new opportunity has come up and I'm not sure whether I should apply for it ? The job I'm in currently doesn't exactly meet my career objectives so this could be a good move for me. However, is it really fair to apply for a new job when I know I'm 9wks pregnant and would be going on maternity leave in September ? It's still within the same large organisation so I would retain all my maternity rights etc.
I know I don't have to tell work till 25wks but somehow I feel quite guilty about moving job without telling them the whole truth.
Any help would be gratefully received. Suz xx


  • I think you should go for it! After all its not as if you are moving from the company just moving departments, either way they will still need to get maternity cover for you. If you are feeling gulity then maybe you could talk to someone in the HR dept so that they know about the pregnancy, but legally they can't discriminate against you just because you are pregnant!
    Tammi 24+5
  • Go for it as long as you dont loose your maternity rights! and id check that bit out for sure! I wouldnt tell them yet tho! some women wouldnt even know at that point and you have no duty to tell them! A baby does mean it hold you back you just have to do things a little diffrently. I'd go for it youll be greatful when you are ready to return to work! xx
  • I would go for it. You don't have to tell them and they musn't discriminate against you! Let us know how you get on!
  • Hi Suz,
    I've been in this situation 3 times now during my pregnancy, 2 dream jobs in other organisations (they approched me which has never happend before!!!) and one internally which is bloody typical and i've decided that jobs are like buses; you wait ages for a suitable one to come along, then 3 come along all at the wrong time!! It happened to me this week actually, a job i would love to do in my company and have been waiting for for a long time to come up but even though I know they can't legally discriminate etc, i know that i wouldn't be practically considered for it due to my pregnancy and impending maternity leave. However, i am 28 weeks and every knows that i'm pregnant (obviously!) In your situation as you are only 9 weeks and have plenty of time i think you should go for it; its still 6 months away and that is plenty of time to do well in your new role and set things up for when you come back. I know its a really difficult one and one of the big downsides of being pregnant and trying to work too, most unfair!! I agree with the others you should go for it though, don't worry about what they will think, you have as much right as anyone else.

    Good luck x
  • Hi, I was in a similar position with my second pg. I was thoroughly fed up in my job and had handed in my notice b4 I found out I was pg. When I realised I had a bit of a panic about starting a new job, maternity pay etc. Then my boss approached me and said there was a better position coming up(better hours and pay etc) and that if I wanted it then it was mine. I accepted of course! I had been in my new position for 3 weeks, then had to go and tell my boss that I was, in fact, pg! (I waited until after my 12 week scan b4 telling anyone). He took it very well bless him and was fantastic and supportive throughout.

    So I say go for it! Your are under no obligation to tell them yet, and whilst we all know they cant discriminate against pg women, Im pretty sure they do if they think they can get away with it! Good luck! x
  • what did you decide? x
  • Thanks for all the advice. I haven't made a decision yet, still have a few days to think about it.
    I did however fid out that although it's a really good position it is only a secondment. Although it is likely to become permanent. But that would mean that I would go on maternity leave during quite an unstable time. Is the other person did decide to return to her job I'm not sure my current position would still be available to me and where would I be then ?

    But you're right, if I do decide ot go for it then it should have nothing to do with being pregnant. I should take the opportunity while I can.
    Thanks, Suz x
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