Diorreah sp in early pregnancy


seem to be suffering a little from this,
is there anything i can take/do that is safe for babbs?



  • Hi love,

    I had this for like two months when I got my BFP it was horrid, I do suffer from IBS as well which i am sure did not help.

    I never took anything for it, the nurse told me this can be common and to just drink plenty of water. I am sure if it is very bad though you could have a word with your GP and they might be able to tell you something you can take for it.

    Hope it gets better

    K xx

  • hi i had bouts of this and still do now, same as k-lou said if you get worried have a word with your gp or mw xx

    chloe 32+6
  • Thanks, will see how it goes

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