Pregnant and people treating me differently at work!

I feel really fed up at the moment. Why do people presume that because you are having a baby your job suddenly becomes worthless?! I am in the senior management team in school and also work for the local education authority. The other day I find out that the education authority have given all the stuff I do for them to other people to do because they thought with me having a baby I wouldn't want to do it anymore when I go back to work. They never asked me what I wanted! And tonight I just get a phone call from someone I work with at school and she mentioned that another teacher in my school is doing this leadership course from September that the head asked me to do (I said I would do it). I am so mad. This teacher isn't on the leadership team and is looking for another job anyway. I feel really pushed out and that people are using the fact that I'm pregnant as a reason for not asking if I want to do something. I love my job and everyone knows this, I wish people would ask me what I want to do and not presume that because in July I will have a baby that my job will not matter anymore. I've worked really hard to get where I am and I was so looking forward to doing this leadership course and I love the work I do for the eduaction authority - they seemed really surprised when I said I was happy to carry on doing what I did and were quite grovelling to me but it doesn't make up for it.

I'm thinking that I'll end up going back to work to find all my responsibilities given to everyone else and all I've worked for gone. The more I think about it the more upset I get. I'm so mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really feel like not going to work tomorrow.


  • I think it stinks! It's so unfair. I think I am going to have to go and see the head tomorrow as I'll just get madder and madder if not!

    Did they tell you they had stopped training you because you were pregnany Tallkatie2?
  • Yeah sounds like you need to confront them about it and make it absolutely clear where you stand on things. Its obvious if they are stopping you from training they are concerned that you wont be coming back after your maternity leave and they dont want to waste the training money. If you make it clear that you are dedicated to returning to work and you want to keep your job they will probably be happy for you to continue your training. They obviously wont say anything directly as they could get done for discrimination or something. But if you force them to explain whats going on I reckon they will have no choice other than to admit they are discriminating against you or put you back on the courses.
  • I am going to see the head in the morning. I want to make it clear that I still want to do what I do now when I go back to work (if that makes sense!!!!)

    Am pleased you feel the same Zoey! I think people think they are being kind by not giving us stuff to do but it's so annoying.
  • I'm so glad you posted this, i've been in tears twice about this this week. Today is my last day before i go on maternity leave so yes i should be happy (and i really am) but just because you are having a baby shouldn't mean that it completely erradicates all of the hard work you have done in the years before and it makes me so angry that people behave like this. I have been at my company for 5 1/2 years, longer than anyone else in the whole company, i am the only girl, and for a few months the small group of blokes i work with have all been talking over my head and not involving me in things that are happening and you are right it is so upsetting. I undestand that business needs means that you have to be practical about things but its really hurtful when no one even asks you about projects you might like to get involved in, especially ones you know you would do so much better, just because you have the cheek to have a baby. I've come to the conclusion that whatever happens it really is a mans world!! To make matters worse, my boss who i do an awful lot for and am basically his PA along with my own job didn't even say goodbye or good luck to me, not so much as a card (he's on holiday today). Oooooh, i hate men sometimes!!! anyway, on the brightside, i've only got 8 hours left!! Good luck with redressing the balance girls, hope you are more successful than i was! > just got an email from my boss as i was writing this saying good luck and please be available on the phone if i need to ask you anything about work - yeah thanks -Ooooh, i am going to bring my son up to be soooo different from these men!!!!!!!!!!
  • hey ladies.
    you should find out your maternity rights and maternity policies that your work has which all work places are supposed to have.
    you are supposed to have the same job, responsiblities when u return to work as you did before you left.
    they should also have a meeting ( a risk assesment ) with you before changing any of your responsibilities whilst you are in work and pregnant.
    please dont put up with this ladies i had a bad time in work , and i understand how u all feel. as soon as i found out my rights and told work they soon changed.
    its a very seriouse issue discriminating against a pregnant woman at work. i think there's some advice and a phone number in the pregnacy book that you recive in your bounty pack.
    hope thats helped.
    good luck

    donna 37 + 3 :\)
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