how was your x mas

hi all, how was your x-mas. i went to london 2 meet oh family it went well, this was the first time i met his family apart from his dad. it made me feel a bit usesless coz they and my oh half did nearly everything for me, and when we went shopping they made the trip based around my needs like constant trip to the loos, needing to sit down every so often and going slow and not rushing around. i know they wont read this but i need to think of a nice way to say thanx. any ideas.


  • Hiya, glad meeting his family went well for you, tho it sounds like you felt a bit uncomfortable, you know they were just trying to be sweet. Maybe a nice card saying how much you enjoyed meeting them all and hoping that you can do another visit with baby next time and you won't be needing all those pit-stops!

    My OH's mum's gone all soppy on me too now, which is a bit outside of my comfort zone, but I'm trying to live with looseness about it - she's just so happy to be having another baby in the family, so I know it's more about how much she loves our lo more than anything else, which I find helps me to cope with it. It's a nice feeling that our lo already has so many people who love it, even if that means they're freaking me out slightlyimage)

    We had a lovely xmas thanks, telling our family - best xmas ever I reckon! No raised tempers - everyone was preoccupied with our newsimage
  • nice idea for a card althought there are so many in his family that might be a problem.
  • hi me and oh was very ill over xmas he had that sickness bug thats going around and couldn't even move on xmas eve lucky i i didn't get it, but we went down to stay at my mums in cornwall xmas night for a few days and i got a bad cold felt awful and couldn't eat anything!! so next year i think i might get the flu jab cos we always seem to get ill over xmas!! it is really weird thinking that next xmas i'll be taking a baby down with us ahhh scary but very exciting!!
  • I also met the rest of my bf's family. His mum and her husband I have seen before. His mum is really happy about having another granchild. She never gets to hold the other three or see them and is always in floods of tears over this.

    Bless her, but I love her to bits and she can hold and play with our child all she wants.
  • re. the card, send it to his mum but refer to 'you all' - she'll do all the work then!

    Being a granny must be the best - my mum says it's her reward for all the hard work, which she means nicely I guess... she has a way with words, my ma!!!
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