CMU or Consultant's Ward - Stuck...!

Hiya ladies, I'm so confused, I'm due for an induction in 7 days. I went to an antenatal class at my hospital yesterday and had a tour of the hospital afterwards. The CMU ward isn't great, but it's got a massive pool room. It's soooo nice. the pool is huge and my oh can get in there aswell. It's also got nice furnishings, walls and tv, dvd player and cd player. I would love to give birth in that room (if it's available at the time).

Thing I'm being induced I'm going to be on the consultant's ward downstairs. Now I asked the midwife if I could be induced and once on labour go upstairs to the pool room if it's available. she said she can't see a reason why not, but wasn't 100% sure if I could. I'm going back for the 2nd class on Thursday so I'll ask again. But on the midwives ward I cannot have an epidural! And I really wanted one as I remember the pain from last time. Do you think the pool will be as an effective pain reliever as the epidural?

the consultant also adviced me not to go onto the midwives ward as they are for natural forms of pain relief and give medication like pethidine like it's coming from their own pocket!! I'm scared of the pain/

So I'm really confused and don't know what to do!! :roll:

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  • i think if you find you cant handle the pain they would prob move you, you have the choice and power to ask them. They shouldnt make you suffer.
    I have heard that water can be very soothing and also if you stay active helps baby move easier down birth canal. water also helps with not tearing as much as softens down there. Each labour is different but inductions if they are with the drip prob wont be able to use the pool.
    seee what they say at next session and good luck hun
    Filo x
  • Thanks hun, yes I suppose it depends on how they induced me too. If the gels don't work then they'll use a drip.

    I really hope I can use the pool though because of all the benefits you've mentioned, plus it just seems to be a really relaxing way to have a baby.

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