It's so hard

Hi there,

I just found out i'm pregnant, it was completely unexpected and quite a shock!

Anyway it's really early on (4 weeks yesterday) and although i've only know for a few days i can't stop worrying about everything. This is my first and i really don't know what to expect or what's normal and every twinge or every symptom sends my mind racing that something is wrong. I'm sure that's normal for everyone but i'm finding each day quite hard.

Does it get any easier? I know that the 12 week mark is when things are less likely to go wrong- i'm just not sure i'll make it that far without going crazy!


  • I know exactly how you feel! I was told that unless you bleed, or have pain which is so bad that you have to stop what you are doing, then it's probably fine - and just typical pregnancy stuff, There are so many weired and wonderful (and annoying!) preg symptoms, and random pains etc, that it can be hard to keep track sometimes!

    Just relax and enjoy being pregnant! Welcome to the forum, image

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