I've been sent home!!

Just looking for some sympathy girls really :cry: I've been sick this morning at work only I was in between two toilets and by the time I got to one it was too late, vomit smeared face, top & trousers. Managed to get a gutful more in the loo though!!!

I've been sent home to get changed, but I don't have to go back if I don't feel upto it.... These are my only black trousers that fit now and they're in the wash

Someone please tell me this stops at some point :cry: :cry: :cry:

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  • how far gone are you mrs t ? i had sickness for 16 weeks last pg and my freind was sick for 8 months x
  • I'm 11+2 Hayley.... It's horrible, I feel dizzy & sick still
  • yeah i remember it well having time off etc im waiting for it to kick in myself anytime now! x
  • Big hugs chick, I was sick untill about 14 weeks this time round (a bit less last time) so hopefully you should feel better soon.
  • Sorry but I felt like that until 18 weeks!! Hopefully it will pass sooner for you. I'd stay at home and put your feet up if I were you! Big hugs xxxx


  • Hi Mrs T

    If it makes you feel any better I'm right there with you! I'm 12+1 weeks and still being sick this morning. (although had 2 whole days last week where I wasn't sick! :\) first time in 7 weeks!) Last pg I was sick for 6 months but was only sick once a week.

    I'm going with the theory this time because I've been sick everyday it's got to stop soon. (i hope) it's really starting to get me down now. I get left feeling completely drained by it all. so you have my full sympathy.

    Take today to rest hun, just remember to keep drinking lots of water to keep you hydrated. (if nothing else it makes being sick a little easier I've found! :lol: )

    Take Care
  • iv had it through the whole of this pg - and dizzyness -although it usually stops between 12-16 weeks.

    hope u feel better soon

    elaine xx
  • iv had it through the whole of this pg - and dizzyness -although it usually stops between 12-16 weeks.

    hope u feel better soon

    elaine xx
  • Hi put your feet up and rest take things easy if you dont have to go back in as feeling like that is the worst, all 3 of my pg ive felt like that til about 14-16 weeks it should slowly start to ease over the next few weeks, hope you feel better soon.
    vikki xx
  • Awww chick thats horrible I really feel for you - my first 12 weeks were horrible, I was soooo sick and only have one ladies toilet at work up a flight of stairs and one time I was actually sick in the carpark (which was just nasty and because no-one knew I was pg I had to blame it on a hangover lol)

    It will get better - I'm 13 and half weeks now and the sickness has been loads better the last week or so. What helped me was keeping dry crackers in my bad and whenever I felt really sick just nibbled on them which used to tide me over (at least till i got to the loo...)

    Big hugs xxx
  • my nausea stopped at 15/16weeks but i still feel sick now quite alot the time image im 4days overdue
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