Hi Ladies

I am 17 +1 and thinking about starting Hypnobirthing classes. I have heard brilliant reviews but no negative reviews so far........does anyone have any opinions on Hypnobirthing?

Many thanks

Mrskittyboo xx



  • I've not done any classes as they are so expensive but I've got the natal hypnotheraphy CDs.

    I think they are fab (well actually I've only done the Pregnancy Relaxation CD) and I've actually fallen asleep nearly every time I've done it. (I'm not actually asleep as you stir as soon as she starts counting at the end).

    I'm really looking forward to putting the techniques in to practice when I go in to labour.

    Love and hugs
    Clare & Blob
  • Hi Kittyboo, did you see that article on baby expert yesterday, I read it but still find it hard to believe.

    Lolliepop - I bought the natal hypnotherapy pregnancy relaxation CD today after I read your post, sounds really relaxing, thought id try it as even though im exhausted I find it hard to relax and lie staring at the ceiling thinking there is something I should be doing

    Georgie xx 19+4
  • I think I am gooing to buy the CDs first and then if I like them join the classes.

    xxx thanks for your help everyone xx
  • Hi,

    I'm studying to be a hypnotherapist at the moment and my opinion so far is that it's fantastic, I've heard nothing negative at all and will be trying it when I have my baby in July. My teacher is going to give me some advice and cd's to use and I will probably have a few sessions with her when I go on maternity leave. From just doing basic relaxation techniques I would recommend it to anyone.
  • Thanks Sazzle - the more I hear the more it is exciting me to do it! xx
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