baby breathing monitors?

hi i've heard of devises you can get to put in the babies cot to monitor it's breathing that helps stop cot death, just wondering if anyone has heard of these or used one that they could recommend?


  • Hi I have heard of these, its like a mat that you put under the baby and if they stop breathing then it sends a signal to the monitor. I am sure I saw information about them when I was at the midwives the other week. Tammi xxx
    20 days to go!!!
  • Hi I am afraid that I am a born worrier so have used them for all 3 of my children. You can get them from Mothercare, Argos and other baby shops. The one in Argos is ??54.99 which is a lot cheaper than the first one we bought 7 years ago for my oldest son which was ??110.
    I have definately been reassured by them and although some people that use them say that the alarm goes off a lot I haven't had any problems with mine (have probably had 3 different ones) and the only times they have gone off (very rarely)has been when the baby has been a bit older and curled up into the corner of the cotbed.
    The alarm goes off when a movement/breath isn't picked up after 30 secs. Health professionals usually say that you don't need one but my life has certainly been less stressful having one xx
  • hi babe i have the angel care monitor in theory they are great i dont actually use mine at mo cus my lo is v restless and ends up allover the cot and i am constantly picking her up, but when weove her into own room i will use it as i know i will want to keep checking shes breathing! we have discussed this in baby forumn and i think you have to programme your mind s if it is a car alarm and that it can go off for no reason, otherwise you could end up having heart attack every time it goes off x i got mine from asda ??5 cheaper at ??64.99
  • Am I the only one who doesnt own a baby monitor of any kind? Is that bad? My lo is 2 weeks old.

    I guess it helps that our room is on the same floor so if I put him in his moses basket in the day I go and check on him every so often and would hear if he was crying.

    Are monitors really necessary, if you aren't a worrier?! Think I might get a normal one when he is in his own room. xxx
  • Hi Tiger Lily no you don't need a monitor and it certainly isn't bad not to have one - neither of my sister in laws or my best friend use one but as I said it is good for those of us who worry. I would rather be more laid back and not have one!
    I also have one with a screen so that I can see in her cot and it is good because I don't have to go into her room to check on her (she is a light sleeper and wakes easily) and sometimes she just plays around and even walks around in her cot before she goes to sleep so I can see what she is doing and when she has finally gone to sleep.xx
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