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being booked in to see cardiolagist

anyone else had this? and if so, how can it help if you get palpitations?? can they do anything??:\?


  • Oh this is a funny one. My dad died 6 years ago after having an enlarged heart. My sister has just been checked out by a cardiologists and he's insisted on seeing me too. I dont think the referral will come through before the baby will be born. But my sister had to do some running tests and have an ECG done. Tomorrow she'll have to get a heart scan done to see if her heart is all ok.
    Dont know what you're problems are but i had palpatations a few years ago. The doctor hooked me up to a portable ECG machine for a week. I had to press a button when i got a palpatation. I never heard anything from it so i assume it was ok. I think this is all they could do with you- they'll probably wont do an x-ray, or make you run lots!
    Hopefully its just to do with the extra blood flow during pregnancy and all will be ok- let me know how it goes- im sure they just want to be doubly careful cos you're pregnant x
  • I had palpatations in pregnancy, and my midwife said it was fairly common during pregnancy and didn't refer me too anyone. No harm in being on the safe side, but I wouldn't worry chick. xx
  • thanks, i got them in my last pregnancy so theyre being cautious i guess, i was hooked up to god knows what and they were pumping beta blockers and all sorts into me, and nothing would stop em it was really bad as i could barely breath, when it did calm down(by itself!) i had ecg already and all looked fine!!! i havent had them yet this time, and im praying i dont, butt i had post natal last time (after) and anxiety attacks so im trying to be calm about everything lol probably because of stress at the time plus pressure as im only small, thankyou xx
  • palpatations as you're describing them, from last time, don't always revert by themselves. you say you're stressing but would you not be more stressed if your cardiologist was complacent? it's always better to be safe than sorry.... chill x
  • have you experienced this then samf?
  • no babe... it's work! try and relax and enjoy christmas without worrying about what may or may not happen. enjoy the festive season x...
  • i am, thankyou, you enjoy too!! merry xmas lol xx
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