Confused...sure start grant...who's entitled to it?


I know this topic has been posted in the past but I was wondering if somebody could explain in simple terms who can claim for the ??500 sure start grant.

I orginially thought most people could get it, however, I have just read that you are only eligible for it if you are claiming...
* Income Support
* income-based Jobseeker's Allowance
* Child Tax Credit at a rate higher than the family element
* extra Working Tax Credit relating to a disability, or
* Pension Credit.

So would I be right in thinking that you can only claim if you are basically earning small amounts?

Im currently the only one earning at the moment of hubby studying and when teh abby is born neither of us will be earning for the first two months. I cant claim working tax benefit as under 25!

Would be great if somebody could let me know where i stand! xxx


  • hi, you could try phoning your nearest social security office. they will def beable to tell you. anything is worth a try.xx
  • i rang the other week the family have to be earning ??14000 or less to claim if ur nt claiming them benifits . anything over 14000 u cant claim it! hope this helps XX
  • you can claim working tax credit when ur under 25 as me n my partner get it n i'm 22 hes 23.Don't know if thats just cuz we av a little 1 already so also get child tax credit x
  • hello all and thanks for your replies.

    I hadnt really considered after the birth. hubby will be earning more than 1400 but that wont be until 2 months after the lo is due. So as long as we apply as soon as baby born, we may be ok! hubby was /is a student and i was a student over the past couple of years so our earnings were limited!

    Hollysmum...i believe you are able to claim working tax credit as you have a child. I remember when I looked into it when i first started earning and although I was married and working the right amount of hours, I had no dependents so wasnt entitled to anything image I guess its just life!

    It would be nice if we could get it, as ??500 can pay for quite a few baby products. Its not like babies are cheap these days either!

    Thanks again ladies xxx
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