hey up everyone

Hiya everyone

I have just done a new website for first time mums the adresse is Http;//firsttimemums.weebly.com
if anyone fancies taking a look.There is a page there called contact me you can email me your
thoughts and comments and even ask me questions please email me and let me know what you think
Thanks :\)


  • Heya tallkatie - just read the thread on baby - thanx for posting and warning everyone - very weird, now i know why i dont post piccies of my lil ones on here!

    kim - 30wks today, yey
  • i back katie on this im on baby too. tried to say something discreetly on baby as i didnt want to cause more agro. noticed beckie2009 earlier and after what happened on baby i was very suspiscious(sp)

    kerry xxx
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